How to Remove Your Voice History from Google Assistant and Alexa

– Hey guys, gonna do another one of these Tips and Tricks Tuesday. It’s this series I’m doing every Tuesday where I do a tip and a trick video. Pretty simple. But I’m trying it out. Let me know what you guys
think in the comments below of the series, et cetera. I’m not sure what I’m gonna
do with the other days. We’d love to hear your
opinion on that as well. But for today, for this Tuesday, our tip and trick is
going to be how to remove all of your voice history
from Google Home and Alexa. Okay, so whenever you say the
wake word for either Google or your Echo device, it not only listens and like spits back information, it also actually records
it, uploads it to the cloud in order for it to do its whole thing. Now it actually saves a lot
of that data for a long time. I personally am not really
that concerned about it, it’s just the way I am. But I do understand why some people are and they’re a little freaked out about it. And you know, whatever, I
don’t necessarily blame them. But for those people, just so you know, there is a way to remove
all of that search history and words that you said
and recordings, et cetera, in one fell swoop. Okay, so the version we’re
gonna start with, Alexa. In order to do this, you
need to go to this link below and do so from a desktop. I don’t think it really works
very well from a mobile phone. And honestly, if you’re
really this concerned about all this, don’t be lazy. Just use your computer and get this done. But go to that link in
any of your web browsers on your desktop and then log
in with your Amazon account that the Echo or Echos is connected to. Then click on Your Devices,
there’s a tab at the top. Click the three-dot icon
to the left of the device that you want to clear the recordings for and then click Manage voice recordings. Now, read and make sure that you are okay with the disclaimer that pops up. And if you are, then click delete. Now repeat this for any
other Alexa-enabled device you want to just wipe clean. Now for Google, we’re
gonna do something similar. Head to this link. And again, do it in a
desktop, don’t be lazy. It just works better there. But once you do, do that in
any web browser, that is, then click Delete activity by on the left. Then just choose a timeframe
that you’d like to delete from, or you can select All
time to delete all of it. Select voice and audio
from the next dropdown and click Delete. Read this warning, confirm
that that’s what you want to do and delete it all. Boom, there you go. Quick little tip to have
a clean slate all around. Now let me know what you
guys thought of this tutorial and of my Tips and Tricks
Tuesday that I’m doing in the comments below. We love to hear from you guys. Also, suggestions and other
tips and tricks, also, or the other days of the
week if you’d like to see me do something else, other
series, let me know. Always like hearing from you guys. And if you like this
video, please thumbs up it or share it or subscribe to the channel. All that is greatly appreciated. And as always, thanks for watching. (lively music)

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