How to Remove the Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox

How to Remove the Search Bar in Mozilla Firefox Open Mozilla Firefox Browser. Right click on the blank space at the top of the Mozilla Firefox Browser. Select “Customize”. Customize Toolbar window will appear. Click and Drag the search bar onto the “Customize Toolbar” box. Click “Done.” As you can see, Search box is now Removed in Mozilla Firefox.

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  • I've try this with: firefox, waterfox, cyberfox, pale moon, SeaMonkey neither works, nor those know-it-all people on firefox forum which seems to be born with a soap in their mouth

  • Had it on my firefox browser and it was irritating as it kept going to yahoo search instead of google. I tried to customizing.maleware bytes and other things and it just kept coming back up. I figured out to make it go bye bye very easily since i won't use it anyhow no problems or damage done this way. Went to the irritating search bar with my mouse cursor and right clicked at the drop menu i selected inspect element and deleted all the content that it would allow me to delete. Closed firefox then logged off user then back on Win7Pro the search bar was bye bye. Hope this helps someone.

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