How To Remove Suggested Users On Instagram

What’s up guys Joshua Tubbs here from Customatic and today I’m going to show you how to get rid of the suggested users on your Instagram home page. Without further ado let’s just do it, like right now. So first off take out your phone What you’re going to do is go to your search page, when you’re in your search page you’re going to see a whole bunch of suggested users from Instagram now we don’t want those there. Like right here you can see where it says Joshua Tubbs which is my other account, my personal account. What we can do is hold it down and the option to hide this person comes up. You click hide and Bam! There you go The person is gone, they’re no longer on your suggested users. And that’s how you get rid of suggested users on Instagram.
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If you guys want to check anything else on my channel be my guest. My name’s Joshua Tubbs. And I’ll see you in the next video. Peace.

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