How To Remove/Delete Something From Continue Watching List On Netflix App-2019

Hello what’s up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Theta box”. So today I will show you how
to remove continue watching list in your netflix account.If you start watching movies or tv shows on Netflix they are added to the continue watching
list, that appears on Netflix home page section.The main idea behind the feature
is to display the tv shows and movies that you have started but not finished
yet, so you can continue watching them with a click on the home page section and this is very comfortable one. But it’s ok friend, so why we delete this list?. If your
friend is access your Netflix account there is possible to view your entire watching histories, so to avoid this kind of situations, lot’s of people’s are searching how to delete this continue watching list, so if you’re a one of the person just follow me friends.. So let’s go to our tutorial…First of all open your web browser and then navigate and also complete your netflix login informations. Now in this home page section you can click that profile icon and it is placed at the almost top of right side corner and then one drop down menu is opening.. So here you can go to “Account” settings, so my
netflix account screen is appearing. Now you can scroll down and then go to
“My profile” section on your netflix account and then click “Viewing activity” in this
section. So my activity screen is appearing and it displays the list of netflix shows you have either started watching or have
fully watched. So if you hide this entire list just press this “Hide all” option, otherwise delete one by one by pressing this circle icon. Once you done this process all your watching histories are removed within 24 hours, so same way you can remove your activity one by one. So this is the way you can easily delete all your continue watching list from your netflix account. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel “Theta box” and thanks for watching…

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