How to recover deleted Passwords, history and Bookmarks from Google Chrome | COMPLETE REAL RECOVERY

hi guys, today I’m going to show you how
to recover or restore the passwords to your Google account if you have
accidentally cleared the passwords from your browser and it got synced to your
Google account it’s difficult to get them back, so I’ll just quickly create
the scenario first and then show you how to recover those passwords. Okay, so let’s
get started… I’ll just quickly create the scenario by clearing my cache
including the passwords and then it will sync to my Google account from where I
cannot restore them back I’m just showing you these are my
passwords in my Google account here you can see this is my Google
account and passwords are in sync with my browser so I will quickly clear my
cache I’ll select this passwords to create the
scenario where I lose all my information including my passwords so I’ll go back and see here all my passwords
are gone so this is my browser and let’s verity… see this is my Google account where my changes got synced to my Google account so I cannot get
them back in any of my Android or laptop devices so I will show you how to get
this information back so let’s get started very first thing you need to do is turn the sync off for all these options from advanced sync settings in your browser so this browser should be on your PC where you had Google account
logged in previously or you used this PC before so just turn this sync options off then disconnect from the internet so that if
you restore the passwords it will not get overwritten by your Google account
again with this sync when you enable it so I am just disconnecting from the
internet so I’m not connected to the internet now then go ahead and close this
browser or any other sessions if you have opened now just go to this path I’ll put this path
in the description below here you will see user data folder under Google Chrome
it should have your previous version of settings and Google data so right click
on this folder and go to restore previous versions here you will see the list of previous
versions of this folder so you should select the version which is before you
cleared the cache or before you deleted the passwords so I am just selecting the
latest version and one thing if you don’t have any previous version here I
am afraid you will not be able to get these passwords back so once you select
this folder just click on restore so it will ask you for the confirmation are
you sure you want to restore the previous version
so yes restore so depending on how much information or how much data you have in
previous version including your history, passwords it will take some time so let
this process complete so I got this message that folder has
been successfully restored to the previous version okay okay then open
google chrome again and go back to the settings so here you will see the sync’s
are enabled again because we restored the data so go ahead and disable them
once more so once again I disabled all the sync’s
options and check whether we got the passwords back.. yes I have the passwords
here but stay disconnected from the internet if you connect it now you will
lose them again because it will get synced to your Google account so now I
want to make sure that these passwords are in sync with your(*my) Google account so
it will not get cleared again so for that I have to make some changes in this
list so that Google will will see this as the latest list of passwords with latest
timestamp and then it will sync from this browser to your Google account not
the other way around so for that just select any of the entry and make some
changes for example in this case here I have no username in this list so I will
just go ahead and remove it so that the timestamp of this information will be
updated and Google will sync this information to my similarly I will do
this for this entry as well where there is no user name so now I have the latest
version of passwords here then go ahead and connect to the Internet so I am connecting to the internet now yeah, I am connected now then go back to the
settings and login again so here I am logged in again but sync is
still off so I’m just checking what is there in my Google account so you’ll see I still don’t have any
passwords here but in browser I have these passwords so now I’m going to
enable the sync and let’s see if these passwords from my browser are getting
synced to my Google account so let’s go back here and enable the sync and wait for some time so that your
passwords are getting synced to the Google account so let’s see if I have
these passwords again back in my Google Account yes, I got them back in my Google account so I can sync this information to my other android or laptop devices.
Hope guys this information is helpful for you and this video helped you to get
or retrieved your passwords back to your Google account if you like this video
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