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  • Nice reminder, but at least add some generic music.

  • The faq… I thought deleted messages .. That's trashed messages -_-

  • How long do deleted messages live in the trash before they're gone forever?

  • How to find an email that I in the mobile app by misstanke deleted on swipe and didn't even see what email/name it had, or where. When I don't know the date even? Is there a filter for recently/ last deleted mail?
    Cause a lot of other email has been deleted before and after the misstakely deleted email… Seems like a moment 22 to me 🙁 In the app all open AND unopened emails are in the same scroll view I mean. And not as in the desktop browser…
    Hope you can help me with this. Not deleted by date, but deleted by last deleted email that is.

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