How To Prevent Google Chrome From Recording History

Hey buddy, Google Chrome has become the most
used internet browser. Today I will show you how to prevent Google
Chrome from recording history. So, without wasting any time. Let’s dive in. Basically this method will work for both Google
Chrome and Chromium Browser, and the process is exactly same. First open Google Chrome. Now head over to Chrome Web Store. Here search for Auto History Wipe. Select the first one. Make sure that it is created by Nick. The link to this page is in the description
box below. Its size is about 14 Kilobits, and is pretty
light weight. This extension will clear your history whenever
you start Google Chrome or Chromium Browser. To install this extension just click on this
blue button saying ADD TO CHROME. Now click on Add Extension button to confirm
your installation. Wait for a while as the installation should
complete within a minute depending upon your internet and computer speed. You have successfully installed the extension. Now we need to configure it. For that open the menu, now go to more tools
and select extensions. Now find the Auto History Wipe extension and
click on the options link here. Here you can configure what should be cleaned
when you launch your Chrome. I only want history to be cleared, so I will
only select Clear Browser History. But as you can see there are many other options
too. After you have configured it, just close this
page and restart your Google Chrome or Chromium Browser to apply the changes. From now, whatever you browse. The history will be cleared automatically
after you re-launch Chrome for the next time. So, that was it for this video. Please hit a like on this video and subscribe
to this channel for more videos like this. This is Vasanth Developer signing off.

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