How to manually add jobs to your job search effort

You can manually add a job to your job search
effort after you apply for a job in person, over the phone, online or through an employer’s
website, by email or in writing. Start by signing in to your account. Click on Job Search Effort in the top menu. On this screen you can see the number of jobs you have already applied for, the number of jobs you still need to apply for and the days you have left
in your current reporting period. Click Add a job to manually upload a job to your job search effort. Make sure you have the correct reporting period selected, and then fill in your job application details. Put meaningful information in the notes section like the name of the person you spoke to, or the phone number of the business you applied at. Click Save when you’re done. Your job will be added to your job search effort history and your job search effort total will update as well. Remember, you need to do this process for every job you want to add. You can also click the Upload Evidence button to add information to support your job search efforts. If you have any problems, download our how to guide. The link is in the description. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments. Click on the playlist to learn more about your account. Subscribe to our channel so you never miss a video.

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  • poor English grammar communication it states '' you can also'' it is defined by Dictionary as you are 'able' , option to do so, an opportunity to have .'' however by Centrelink or Job Active there is no specific information for job seekers this is 'compulsory '' must do'' ,. By saying '' you can '' this is an option or is it not by Centrelink . this is questionable poor communication

  • what does this refer to ''Not all people who use the jobactive website have compulsory job search effort requirements'' I was told it was compulsory . Pleas elaborate , '' Also, there are multiple ways to manage and report job applications. '' I have not been advised about this.

  • The Add Job button is not working for me, it just stays the same and no indication of it loading the section where I can add the information i need to about the job i applied for

  • I did all very perfectly and on my gov account it had show that all is done and fine . ..but my job agency suspended my payment saying that didn't submitted my job search . And when I told them that I have done it already and my account show it all done and fine …they cleared it and make me to do submitting all jobs over again. So my gov account works perfectly fine …but only I cannot believe that job agencies have that right to change it for not reason …coz I believe that system will not accepted it if was anything wrong with the way I have did it

  • Do I have to upload evidence for each job application? If so what counts as evidence?

  • how do i submit the job search effort

  • I submitted my jobs using the app on the 24th… or at least I thought I did, but when I went to check the jobs I applied for during that period (Nov29-Dec28) today, none of my jobs are there and I'll probably get a demerit… all because your app didn't upload my jobs properly, is there anything I can do about that?

  • I came here to find out how to sync my Seek account. Any chance of a video that does what it's meant to? Cannot believe that people are paid to live in the 1970s like this .

  • I initially added a job application via the Add Job button. The total for Job Search Target was then reduced by one and the Jobs Applied For increased by one. I then added evidence of that job application, which reduced the Job Search Target by another one and increased the Jobs Applied For by another one. Obviously doing this is recognised as two jobs and not one. Which one are we meant to do in the first instance? Should we only upload evidence if we're asked to? Thank you.

  • I've searched quite a few jobs already but not knowing how to add them all to the ' job search effort' wtf

  • How do you send the job plan back after signing it?

  • Hey i need help please, i applied to some fish place using jora job search. when i went to add job it says "Employer Contact". who would i put as Contact then because there was no name i emailed the company my resume on jora and i couldnt find there email when i went on my own email checking my sent email to see if could find the fish email adress. I'm very confused or what if i sent my resume to kfc who would i put down for "Employer Contact" for them.

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