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Hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
and it’s time for another way back Wednesday you know this is a super fun
series for me because it gives me a chance to look back at some of our older
videos and I realized how some of these crafts just totally tickle me and this
is one of those crafts that just does it for me I don’t know why there are so
many crafts that we have done so many cute crafts but for some reason this is
just one of my all-time favorites it just makes me giggle
every time I look at it and so I hope you enjoy this way back Wednesday it is
a groundhog pop-up puppet hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
today we’re going to be making a Groundhog Day craft and it’s going to be
using some recycled materials we’re going to be using socks so if you have
any of those socks that have lost their partner this is a great craft for that
we’re also going to be using a paper cup some stuffing some rubber bands some
googly eyes which I love we’re going to need a pen that has a
point to it like a ballpoint pen and we’re gonna need a indelible marker some
scissors and then the only tricky thing that you might be hard to find is a
dowel I need a wooden dowel that’s about 18 inches long you’re gonna need that
because your groundhog is gonna pop up and down so you are gonna need a stick
that’s at least three times as big as your cup that’s the important thing
okay so the first thing I’m gonna do is I am going to hot glue this stick into
my sock now this is one of those points where you want to make sure that you’re
very very careful turning my sock inside out and you want
to be really careful here because this is an easy way for you to get burned
because hot glue and fabric are not a good match when it comes to keeping your
fingers safe so what I’m going to do is I’m actually gonna put the hot glue onto
the stick and this is always a good point to use adult supervision okay now
I’m gonna take the toe of the sock I’m gonna spread it open here like that and
I’m gonna place my stick now see how I’ve got it it’s kind of like a
trampoline there see how my hand is making the trampoline so that the hot
glue is not touching my skin at all and now once it cools down a little bit then
I can slowly slowly slowly get it secured in there okay now you can see my
sock is secured inside excuse me my stick is secured inside my sock is what
I meant to say okay now I’m going to give myself some ears now to make my
ears I’m just gonna pull up the corners of my sock and I’m gonna take some
rubber bands and I’m just gonna rubberband these what
I like to do with rubber bands is once they get to a certain once I get twice
around there I can usually get four at the same time there there we go and I’m
gonna go to the other side here and again I’m going to kind of just take a
little Poochie there and take my rubber band wrap it around once twice pull both
of them so that I get it to go around four times here the smaller the rubber
band the easier that is okay now you can see he’s got some ears now I want to
stuff his head now the one thing that’s really important here don’t overstuff
your head because if you over stuff your head and it’s bigger than the cup part
at the top here his head won’t go down so you want to make sure that you only
make your head as big as the small bottom part here I’m gonna stuff
his head and I’m gonna make sure that it gets stuffing on both sides of the
sticky there we go both sides of that stick there we go and now what I’m going to do is take another rubber band smoosh that up a little bit so that it gets up
at the top of the stick there there you go
I can see his little head is forming and then I’m gonna take another rubber band
rubber band it around once twice it really only needs to go twice
here because it’s just making his little neck and there we go so there you can
see there’s his head now of course he needs some eyes and to do his eyes I’m
just going to take a little bit of this hot glue put it here and here attach his
little eyes actually attach his big eyes there we go
and if I had any puff balls or anything like that I could use a puff ball for a
nose but I’m actually gonna draw his nose on there we go and I’m gonna make
mine a happy groundhog so I’m gonna give him a nice big smile with my pen there we
go now if I want you I can give him little
arms and I can do arms the same way that I did those ears
so I’m just gonna give him a little arm pulling that up like that got it around
twice get this two to get it to four there we go and on the other side I’m gonna do
the same thing pull a little fabric rubber bandsand now we’re ready to make
him come out of his hole now to do that I’m gonna need a cup just
get this last little hand there there you go
now you can see it’s got his little hands okay now what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna take this cup and I’m gonna put a hole right in the center at the
bottom here so there’s my hole and then you can see what happens is I’m just
gonna take my stick and stick it right through that hole and now I’m gonna take
glue and glue my little body the outside here I’m just going to do that by taking
a little bit of hot glue I’m going to do this a little bit at a time and start
with the back because again I’m using fabric when I’m using fabric it’s very
easy to get burned and so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna open this up roll it
down over top making sure not to get my fingers into the hot glue itself because
that would hurt and we don’t want any 911 calls while we’re filming okay and
so now I’m gonna go around again with the remainder you know if you’re nervous
about this you can always just let it dry for about 10 seconds that cools it
down so it’ll get a little tacky and that’s okay okay I’m gonna put that down
in there and there was my little groundhog and see you can see that
that’s when he’s fully extended out of his hole and then when you want him to
pop down into his hole there he goes so you can come up and you can say
mr. groundhog are we going to have six more weeks of winter come up slowly
now just to show you what else you can make you can make a magical bunny if you
wanted to and in this case what we did is I just took the cup and I took a
black plate and I actually cut the black plate and put it around the top of the
cup so that now I have a buddy and he can come out of the hat and he can do a
little dance if you like him to do for more eye-popping ideas come and check us
out at

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