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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
and it is time for another way way way way back back back back Wednesday that’s
right we’re taking you way back to the days when I used to do just duct tape
projects and this one is actually pretty cool it is a travel case that uses duct
tape and ziplock bags I think you’ll like it so check out this way back
Wednesday hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
you know I’ve had a lot of requests for a toiletry traveling kit and you
know as I was coming up with the idea and figuring out how to make it I
realized that this would be the perfect thing to hang in your locker to keep all
your stuff and what’s great about it is that it’s made with Ziploc bags so
nothing will fall out and the other thing that’s great about it is you can
fold it up into three like this and put it into your backpack or your travel
case or your suitcase now let me show you the one that I’ve made over here
this is a little bit larger and it has a tongue closure so you can actually carry
it around like a little bag and it’s got this really cute double tongue closure
and then when you open it up all your stuff is right there where you need it
and it’s got a handy dandy over the handle hanger so you could put this over
a doorknob or you could put it over you know a hook and you just hang your stuff
up and like I said I thought this might be perfect for your locker and you know
some people have asked you know can you make like a nail polish kit can you make
you know a makeup kit well this would work for that as well so let me show you
what we’re gonna do for this we are gonna be using ziplock bags now I’ve
been using the gallon size just because then I can cut them down to whatever
size I need so that you want to gallon size and you want to have three ziploc
bags I’ve made myself three straps ahead of time and that’s just gonna save a
little bit of time when we’re making the project so I’ve made three straps and
these are each 10 inches long and then I’ve got my x-acto knife I’ve got my
Sharpie pen and my dry erase marker I’ve got my scissors I got my ruler which I
always need and my tape of course so first thing I’m gonna do is show you how
to cut the bag and remember if you’re going to be using your exacto knife make
sure you have a good solid cutting work surface that you can use so for this
what we want to first do is remove the side because we’re not going to actually
create it on the bag itself we’re going to just be using the ziploc part so I’m
going to just take my scissors and cut right down along the side like that and
then I’m gonna be making my bag 7 inches so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 inches by 7 inches
and the reason I’m going to be doing that is because I’ve decided that the
bag I’m going to make is actually 8 inches wide and I’m going to give myself
a little bit of room on the sides so I’m going to come in half inch on either
side so I’m making my bag 7 inches by 7 inches and then I’ll make my fabric just
a second I’ll tell you about how we’re going to do that
ok so I’m going to cut this 7 inches by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and this
piece I’m going to save I can make into a small little change purse or something
like that with this extra piece so I’m just going to put this aside for later
on now I’m going to pull this apart and you see how there’s just like a little
bit of white here I don’t really need this back or piece anyway so what I’m
gonna do is I’m actually going to trim my back piece and I’m gonna trim it so
it’s about a finger width down just the fingernail widths down this is going to
get attached to the back of my fabric and so I only need a little little edge
there can you see that edge that’s about half an inch now I have left my pieces
together purposefully and the reason I did that is because I want to make sure
that I don’t flip-flop them when it comes time to putting them on the fabric
so I’m keeping them together but you’ll notice that because they don’t have any
edges on the sides anymore they are prone to slipping apart
okay so just be wary of that and make sure that you keep them together until
you need them okay now my fabric I’m gonna make my fabric and I’m gonna make
it eight inches wide and I’m going to make it 24 inches long
the reason I’m doing that is because I’ve got three of these pockets and each
one of these it says seven inches long so I’m giving
myself a little bit of extra but three times seven is twenty-one and then I’ve
given myself a little bit of wiggle room so I’m gonna make mine eight inches by
24 inches you can make your size whatever you want it’s up to you but
I’ve decided to make mine that size and so I’ve already made my fabric here and
if you wanted to you could make yours on tarp if you want to you could make this
on tarp but for this purposes I have actually made mine all on duct tape okay
what I’m gonna do first and foremost is take my first pocket here and I’m going
to be using an accent color to attach it and what I’m gonna do is slide these
apart now what I want to do is make sure but I keep them facing in the right
direction it’s very easy to accidentally flip this over and then when you’re
trying to put it back together you’re like wait why won’t it go back together
and it’s because you’re trying to get to the plastic and it’s the railroad tracks
as I call them are locked underneath so make sure that your railroad tracks are
always facing up all righty I’m gonna take a piece of tape I’m gonna
lay it right along the edge here I don’t want to cover up my railroad track I
just want to come as close to that edge as I possibly can without going on to
the railroad track so see I’ve come as close as I can without going over the
edge and now what I do is I line this edge up with the end of my edge up here
and I’ve inset about half an inch on either side you can see there I’m just
gonna flip this over and secure it into place and now I’m just going to take my
scissors and snip off this extra and now I want to now you could use the color
you know the embellishment color if you want to but I find that that makes your
eye a little crazy when you’re looking through your through your pocket
so what I’m gonna do is match my color here and I’ve got my orange so I’m just
gonna match my orange color here and again what I’m gonna be doing it’s going
right up to the end of that railroad so right underneath there this is gonna
lock my ziplock bag to my duct tape fabric and there you have it okay now
I’m gonna prep my other piece now remember you want to make sure you cut
your railroad track and you feel it you can feel it what I want to do is flip it
over so that my railroad track is facing up take my piece of accent tape fold it
over the top and once again you want to do that whole thing where you’re lining
it up and getting as close as you can but not covering it it’s really really
important that you don’t cover that because if you cover it then you won’t
be able to make the closure okay so I’ve got it lined up right along the edge
there flipping it over and I’m gonna fold it over this whole edge there you
go and now I’m just gonna snip this extra bit with my schizos snip there
snip there now the next part this next little thing takes a little teeny bit of
patience because what you have to do is line up your edges here and you need to
get your ziplock lined up again so that it’ll slide together and you can hear it
can hear it that was it clicking into place you should hear it click
and you can you can test it by picking it up it should click into place you’ll
know if it’s not okay now see this bottom here this is down at 7 inches I
need to secure this into place so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take my accent
tape and I’m going to do it half on half off
at the bottom of my plastic bag here so that I secure it tightly into place and
just fold this edges over okay that’s my first pocket in place now I’m
ready for my second pocket and I’m gonna do the same thing that I did and what I
want to do is just teach you how to do the placement now see how I’ve got a lot
of extra here I don’t want too much extra I really only want about a pinky
because otherwise I’m gonna end up and I won’t have a very secure seal and I want
to make sure I have a good secure seal okay so I get this in place and this is
where my bag ends remember about 1/2 1/2 off so I’m gonna place this right under
there and line it up you can do it off off of the side here if you want to like
that okay and it’s gonna be right on top basically of the other one so you can
use that as your template and that way you know you’re pretty well set and
exactly where you need to be okay then I would come back with my orange tape just
so your eyes don’t go long adieu and seal it all right you’re gonna continue
doing this create the top piece secure it on secure that bottom of your plastic
then secure your third you’re gonna do that boom boom boom okay I’m gonna jump
ahead though because it does take some time to do that here I’ve got mine all
finished up one pocket two pockets three pockets sealed on the bottom see this is
that extra I was telling you about this is where you can cut it wherever you
want to I’m gonna leave it for now you understand because you know
I always change your mind that you want maybe you wanted to add an extra little
pocket it’s okay whatever you want to do but I’m gonna
just be sticking with my three okay all I need to do now is seal my sides so to
see on my sides I’m going to take some tape and I’m just gonna lay it half on
half off I’ve got my tape right up here to the edge half on half off and we’ll
fold it over onto the back and seal it and I’m gonna continue doing this all
the way down now you’ll notice I’m using shorter pieces here and the reason that
I’m using shorter pieces here as opposed to nice long strip is just to make sure
that I can line it up and make sure that it’s smooth even and lined up correctly
because it’s very easy to get off when you have long pieces of tape that you’re
dealing with and you know you’re talking about 24 26 inches of tape and okay
sometimes get messed up on itself now one of the things that I should really
make sure that I show you though is that you are coming back in your over top of
that pocket I’ll show you on the other side because that is the most important
thing with a ziplock bag you need to make sure that those edges are sealed
it’s really super important that you do that okay so here’s the edge of my
pocket I am overlapping a good mm that’s at least a quarter of an inch and I’m
sealing that edge that’s really super important and then I’m folding it over yeah this one I can’t get about that long
there and then seal that edge really super important to seal that edge okay
and as you can see it’s also created a nice design on the back here there we go
now you can see the pocket opens sealing it on this edge here is what keeps this
from pulling apart you’re always going to stay in line with your railroad
tracks as long as you’ve got these edges sealed
that’s super super important say that those edges are nice and sealed and what
I do like to do is come back with a thin piece of tape over top and just seal
those edges a little bit more just to make sure that everything is nice and
secure so I’ve just cut myself one inch strips and come across there just to
make sure those stay nice and secure there we go and I’m going to do one on
the top here too and again this is just to make sure that those stay where
they’re supposed to stay one there now next what we want to do is create the
strap this will hang on and that’s going to go at the top here now I’m gonna cut
this extra bit off because I’m not going to need this you can save this for
another project I’m going to flip this over this is my top and any little
extras when you folded it over those don’t have to be there you can just get
rid of those just snip those you could come back also and embellish your back
too if you wanted to you can put your initials on with a sticker you do
whatever you wanted okay and one more okay okay now to make
our strap so I have these three straps that I have made ahead of time all I’m
going to do is take my strap lay the edge down and arch it up and over like
the golden arches up and over and then I’m just going to secure these in place
with tape so you might find that it’s easiest just to use small piece of tape
as opposed to a large piece of tape just to get it into place first so there’s
one edge one side and there’s the other side there we go so that’s secured and
then what I want to do is come back with another piece of tape again this is that
one inch strip and I just want to secure that down and I’m gonna come across now
make sure that you’re not closing your pocket with this piece of tape that
you’re bringing around to the front there we go there we go and that opens
up nicely and you can hear it can you hear that clink clink okay that’s how
it’s connecting back into itself alright so now what we need to do is add the
tongue closure so I’m gonna take a strap I’m just gonna place it right here and
and nothing a little piece of tape I was silly me you know what I should have
done should have just added this first then added that extra reinforcement
strip that’s what happens sometimes you forget your steps but there we go I’m
just gonna secure this nice there we go alright now the tongue closure part is
gonna go Midway just imagine that you’re folding this up right here’s your stuff
and you fold this up so you want this to stay closed this way
you want the handle to be here so you can hold it and you want it to be closed
this way so I’m actually going to put my two little tongue closure right here
this is my third strip and all I’m going to do is cut this into one two little
four inch pieces line it up have your tongue hanging down
and just lay these on top like little mini railroad tracks like that and then
take a little bit of green tape and place it on the side to lock those into
place and take another little piece of tape on the side lock them into place
now I want to just make sure they’re nice and secure and so I’ve got some
extra tape here I’m just going to put this over and I want to do this so that
this doesn’t pull out because straps like this are going to actually be taken
some abuse and you want to just make sure that it’s nice and sturdy and
secure okay so this tongue slides in and out very easily and then to make it stay
what you do is just bring this strap up and through the top and then that locks
it in place now I’m just gonna round the edge here like that here’s the thing
about this I’ve left this long because that way I can put lots and lots of
stuff so that this can grow and even get it that fat and I’ll still be able to
lock it up and keep it nice and tight and closed or
if I don’t have much in it I can just make it tight like that and there you
have it a toiletry travel kit that can also be used for your locker and keep
all of your school supplies for more great ideas for travel and for school
come and check us out at Sophie – world dot-com

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