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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
and today it’s time for another way way back back Wednesday that’s right
we’re bringing you a blast from the past and today it’s duct-tape squishies now
this came from a viewer who wanted Squishyies made out of duct tape now I
know it’s not a real squishy folks but it is a squishy made out of duct tape
and that’s your way back Wednesday hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well it’s almost back-to-school time and I thought it’d be fun to create
something that you could hook on to your backpack plus I got a whole bunch of
inquiries about making these things called squishies so I thought it might
be kind of fun to do a duct-tape squishy and if you look over here you can see
some of the ones that we’ve come up with these are all the designs that you’ll
find on you’ll find the templates for them so that
everything you see here you can get a template and you two can make it so to
make these we’re just gonna need some duct tape of course we’re gonna need
some filler some stuffing and I’ve found that some of the best stuff that works
inside is either cotton balls or these are those amazing sort of makeup sponges
they’re kind of smooshy but they also come in rounds and squares and they’re
just perfect for being inside a squishy you can use a regular sponge as long as
it doesn’t dry out because there’s those sponges that when the water all
evaporates they get crunchy you don’t want a crunchy squishy because then it
wouldn’t be a squishy you think it would be a crunchy you’re also going to want a
Sharpie pen you’re gonna need some parchment paper
you’re gonna need scissors very very important and you’re gonna need our
template so in this case we’re gonna start we’re just gonna make a strawberry
so for my strawberry here I’m gonna take my parchment paper and I want to make
sure that my parchment paper is big enough to fold over onto itself I’m
going to take my parchment paper here and I am going to trace my template now
making squishies is really basically like making one of our stickers and if
you haven’t had a chance to check that out you should go to our YouTube site
and just put in stickers and you’ll be able to find I think there’s two or
three sticker videos okay I’m going to angle this a little bit so that I can
get everything on one piece of parchment here
now this is very very important when I lay my tape down like we do with our stickers
I need to make sure that I’m putting my tape on the side that I just drew with a
sharpie so just in like making a sticker you’re gonna cover the area and any area
where it meets you want to make sure that you overlap by at least a quarter
of an inch so I’m gonna put that on the angle here there we go so that I get
that see that that whole stem is covered yet okay now I’m gonna take my red I’m
gonna lay this now the thing about a squishy that makes it different than a
sticker because it has two sides with something sandwiched in between in this
case either cotton or I’m really really fond of these facial sponges thing about
it is this I did try using you know that fiberfill stuff that you would like fill
like a toy or a pillow with and it works the only problem is that because
fiberfill the nature of fiberfill is to be like it’s all kind of…it makes
it hard when you’re trying to seal the edges because there’s always one of
those little tiny piece that gets in there and then it pushes
it open so I’ve decided maybe not the best thing to use okay so I’ve got my
tape all on here now here’s the tricky part what I want to do is I want to flip
this over I want to fold this in half and I want
to put tape on this side here that matches tape
on this side here so let’s just do this so you fold it onto itself like this so
that we’re going to cut this and we’re going to get two exact copies so
now to make sure that I get it in the right place and you fold it this
way that’s why I was folding it that way in the first place
so that I can see through here yeah so I’m gonna lay my green down other piece
of green down and now I’m gonna put the red down now I should make a note that I
got this really adorable letter from a young girl who said she has her own way
of making squishies which is very cute okay I’m just gonna make sure that all
of these are secured down sometimes it it’s good to come back with your tape
and just rub over it so that it sticks to the parchment paper now I’m gonna
fold this back the other way making sure that everything lines up and now I’m
just gonna cut these out so anyway she sent me this letter with instructions on
how she made her squishies and what she did was and I thought this was very
clever she actually took cutting around here you can see she actually took
post-it notes and she covered the post-it note with nail polish and then
she did it on two sides of two different post-it notes and then she taped the
edges together to make her squishy and then she put fiberfill or the stuff that
you would find in a pillow she she put that into hers and she sent me the
step-by-step and it was the cutest thing I
ever did see so that’s where we started thinking for the first time
about maybe it would be fun to do some squishies and then I started thinking
well you know I love post-it notes and I thought her idea was really great I just
was worried that you know they would get wet and then that’s when I started
thinking about well what keeps things dry – duct tape okay so I’m almost done cutting
this out here this is what I’m gonna have to come back after this video and
I’m gonna actually have to clean my scissors make sure you clean your
scissors well because this kind of stuff where you’re cutting layers and layers
of tape it can really gunk up your scissors so make sure that you either
take a baby wipe and carefully wipe them down or just make sure you clean them
with a little bit of nail polish okay so I’ve got my excuse me nail polish
remover don’t put nail polish on your scissors so I’ve got my pieces now and
as you can see when I pull them apart they’re ready to go so now we
need to seal these together it’s the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
measure out my sponge here I’m gonna use a sponge for this one now here’s the
thing I want to make sure that I leave a good half an inch around the outside and
the reason for that is because we want it to seal it’s almost kind of like a
like a tart or a pastry or you know it’s one of those things that like a pop tart
you know how it’s sealed around all the edges you want to do the same thing you
want to seal those edges so here we go I’m putting that cut my sponge to
make my kind of strawberry shape here so I’m gonna lift up my first backer there
we go okay putting my sponge right there I’ve left about a half
an inch there you can see and I’m gonna take my other little piece here and
what’s kind of nice is because this is sticky I can kind of form it into
the shape that I want I can even take this little extra piece and get it in
there yeah all right so now you’re ready for the squishiness to become it’s going
to become squishy now okay take my second backer and I’m going to place
it right on top as close to lined up as I can get and then I just want to
push down the squishy and I want to push my fingers around and around and around
and I want to seal every single edge now there’s the squishy is sealed in and now
what I want to do is see how there’s just a little teeny bit of that sticky
there that’s gonna happen because you’ve got bulk and your tape is it’s gonna go
over that bulk which means it’s gonna pull back a tiny bit from the edge when
it seals and also what’s great here is that when you cut with the scissors it
actually is going to seal as well to make it really nice and secure all right
so there’s the bottom part of my strawberry it’s quite squishy and now
I’m gonna put the topper on now for the topper I didn’t put any squishy in here
I mean you could if you wanted to but here’s what I found
you really want your squishy part to be the large area the largest area of it
because if you try to go into two little tiny areas you’re not gonna get a good
seal and if you don’t get a good seal they’re just gonna pop open okay so I’m
just gonna place my topper right there flip it over and then what I’m going to
do is just try to as close as I can match this back
by laying it right on top like that now if you remember I said that these are
great for your backpack so what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to add a
little key ring to this and what’s going to be cute is that it’s gonna look like
the top of the strawberry so there’s my strawberry all trimmed and ready to go
and I’ve got a keyring so you can use this kind of keyring or you can use like
these dog clip kind of key rings you can use whatever you can find and what I’m
gonna do is take a tiny tiny tiny tiny strip what I’m gonna do is just fold
this over onto itself twice and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use these
scissors I’m gonna cut I’m not gonna cut in the sticky area I’m gonna actually
cut where the pieces of tape have folded over onto themselves so that I had a
nice seal there so that’s gonna keep my scissors from getting gunky
see how I left a little tiny edge there okay now what I’m gonna do this tape is
so super sticky now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna add this right here so I’m
gonna go up and over to make a little loop and in this case I’m just gonna add
my keychain right now we cut it to the size I need it to be let’s secure the
side first what I can do here is just use little strips of tape I’m gonna get
rid of that tiny bit there and I’m just gonna secure this right
here like that and now I’m gonna add my keychain tiny little strip fold it over
and secure that in place like that so now I’m ready to put that on my backpack
or put my keys on there use it as a keychain these would make great gifts
for your family now just so you know on the website what you’re gonna find are
these templates and they’re going to be very similar to the way we do stickers
so again check out the sticker templates now my sister Freda is amazing as I
told you her middle name should be embellishment and she’s come up with all
these adorable cute little faces and patterns and things like that so I’m
going to just show you quickly how you would put together one that has one of
these cute sticker face templates so in this case I’ve already got my sticker
back and this time you know what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to
use we’ve got one side done already so it doesn’t take forever I’m actually
going to be using cotton balls here so you can see how the cotton balls work so
see I’ve just stuck that cotton ball right in there and you can kind of push
it around I think one is enough actually then I’m going to take this backer and
I’m just gonna place it right on top and seal it up now here’s another little
trick just to show you if you do want to turn these into keychains and you know
that you want to do a keychain what you can do is just take a little piece of
tape right now and you get that strip ready to go right so you get your strip
all ready to go and now before you seal the top place it right here so I’m just
gonna put my strip in there and then next to it put the other strip and then
I’m just going to seal this puppy up and now my strip is inside there so that’s
another way that you can seal it up now you can see
I’ve got my little head it’s already it’s squishy it’s got his little
squishiness I you know this one is not as bad as my one that I did with the
sponge because it doesn’t stick up as far but you can trim that little extra
bit just don’t trim too much and now I’m just going to take my sticker pieces and
lay them on to make my cute little face so I’ve got my ears and I got the Panda
circles this is what defines a panda I’ve got my little nosey this is kind of
fun this is just like making stickers and remember that you can make your
squishies into anything that you want and there you go there you have your
panda cute now if you want to to one other little note you don’t have to put
the face on both sides if you look at our turtle here he just has a back of
blue on one side and then he’s got the turtle on the other side that way if
it’s one of those really intense stickers then you don’t have to do it
twice that might be a lot of work for more fun stuff that you can take to
school with you and show off to all your friends or make as gifts for your family
come and check us out at

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