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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
and it is time for a new years way back Wednesday that’s right I’m going to show
you how to make your very own New Year’s confetti cannon ring in the
New Year’s with this way back Wednesday hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
well it is almost 2016 it’s official and I’m going to teach you how to take
this lowly TP Tube and turn it into an exciting confetti cannon that’s right
this is going to shoot confetti and I’m going to show you how to do it right now
so for this project the most important thing you’re going to need is the inside
tube of either toilet paper paper towel roll you could even use the inside of a
Christmas wrapping paper roll you can just cut it to whatever size you want
but you do need some sort of paper tube and I’m actually going to be using some
left over wrapping paper since it’s you know after Christmas I’ve got some
leftover wrapping paper I’m going to be using that to decorate my tube
I’ve got regular tape and I’ve also got packing tape you can also use duct tape
if you like I’m gonna be using 11 inch balloons and I’m gonna need some
scissors I have now this is extra if you wanted if you want to put a capper on
top of your tuber you’re gonna want a rubber band and some tissue paper and
then the most important thing you’re gonna need is confetti now I found this
is like that sequin confetti it’s like sequins and little different pieces of
sparkly stuff this has a little bit more weight to it and I find that this
actually shoots better than paper confetti but I’m gonna be mixing it in
with some paper confetti that I was able to buy at the local store and I was able
to get this for 99 cents just a big bag of it you could also use your own
shredded up paper or anything else that you’ve got that’s very confetti ish you
can use anything you want even glitter okay so let’s get started first thing
I’m gonna do is I’m going to take my balloon and I’m gonna tie it off right
here at the end just like if I was to blow it up and then tie it off but what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna tie it off without blowing it up and I want to tie
it out so that it’s nice and tight and I’m just going to push that knot so it’s
right at the bottom there now one thing you should know about balloons is that
they do degrade over time so if your balloons have been
sitting around for a while you want to make sure you have a couple of these
because we’re just gonna cut the top here just that little teeny bit off the
top see how I just cut off that little itty bitty bit at the top sometimes when
you do this if your balloon has been sitting around your house for a while it
can degrade and if it degrades it can split down the middle when you’re trying
to do this next step hopefully it won’t do so but if it does just make sure you
have a couple extra balloons on hand I’m going to open this up with my fingers
like a almost like a bathing cap and I’m just gonna put it right over top and
just kind of pull it down now I want to try to get this to be sort of centered
and don’t get too terribly upset if your tube pulls in a little bit on the
sides and loses its exact round shape that will happen that’s okay it’s not
gonna you’re not gonna ruin anything okay so see now you can see that I’ve
got my balloon here on the bottom and it’s pretty tight and I’m gonna try to
pull this just to get it as tight as possible there okay now what I’m
gonna do is take my tape and I’m gonna be using my packing tape here and when I use my packing tape I always cut it and I always make sure to fold over the edge
because one of the things about packing tape that’s kind of hard is that once it
gets sealed to itself it’s very hard to get it started again okay I’m just gonna
seal this balloon right to the tube by wrapping it around like that okay now my
balloon is nice and attached just like that and as tight as you can get that
the better so if you want to if you come back you can even tie it again give it
another tie there just to make sure it’s nice and tight on the bottom now if you
are familiar with my videos you’ll know that we do this with what we call a
marshmallow shooter and we’re just going to use my scissors to punch that back
out again and it’s exactly the same technique it’s
just yet you’re using a TP tube instead of the inside of a duct-tape tube
all right now we’re just gonna decorate this and to decorate it what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna use my piece of gift wrap paper here I’m just gonna measure
and I and what’s nice here is that I had these lines and I’m just gonna line it
up there trim right along the bottom here and just use some regular tape here
and with my regular tape just gonna take that piece of tape right there secure it take another piece of tape here and
secure it up at the top and then what I found is easiest is to take my tape get
it set put it on the outside edge of my paper so that I can just wrap my tube
and it’ll just stick right there like that and now it’s nice and covered now
if you wanted to come back and put some pretty other tapes on here some
embellishment stuff you can but this is your design you could do it any way you
want now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna set
this aside for just a second while I prepare my stopper topper now here’s the
thing I like to make a whole bunch of these and put them in a basket and then
people can use them when it’s you know the countdown for 2016 but here’s the
thing you you don’t have to you can just leave it open put in your confetti and
just use it as a cannon that way that’s completely fine but if you want to have
them set and in a in a big basket or Bowl you know kind of like party poppers
this is what you’re gonna want to do take that piece of tissue paper and this
is about six inches by six inches a six inch square fold it into fours so did
you see that I folded it in half and then I folded it in half again and now
I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna take from from the outer edge here I’m just gonna
do a half rainbow up and over and then when I open it up I’ve got a
nice circle there we go now I’m gonna put my confetti in now here’s the fun
part you want to put in about oh that’s like two tablespoons so I’m gonna mix a
little bit I hope you can see they’re gonna mix a little bit of this fun
heavyweight bright and colorful confetti sequiny and then I’m gonna add a little
bit of this paper confetti but I was able to get at the dollar store and then
you just shake it up a little bit take your piece of tissue paper put it over
top just fold it down all on on all sides and then I’m just gonna use a
little rubber bands here now this is just a small rubber band and I’m not
gonna make it too tight I’m just gonna loosely put it around the top and that’s
gonna keep it nice and secure and ready for whenever it is time to shoot it off
now here’s the thing you can leave this on and shoot it off what you’re gonna
need to do is you’re probably gonna have to pull this three times like one two
three and probably by the third or fourth pull it’ll pop this piece off but
you can also when it’s time just take it off and have it nice and ready and
everybody can be set and ready to go now here’s the other thing I did want to
show you is that you can do different sizes so this is my one that came from
the inside of a paper towel and instead of using the gift wrap paper what I did
was I used duct tape here made that really really pretty
and this one I also did using duct tape and I just used duct tape I didn’t use
anything else just the balloon and duct tape I didn’t even use that clear tape
because I didn’t need it but that’s all there is to it let me put this back on
and it would be ready to shoot and I’m gonna show you how fabulous it can be you can do it one of two ways
now you’ve got this one that has the lid on it and I’m just going to peel the lid
off and you get that count down and you ready three two one that’s one way to do
it the other way and this one I’ve used actually a paper towel tube leave the
cap on you’re gonna have to make the chute a couple times but once it does
like the third or fourth time it’s gonna pop it off the top ready watch happy new
year more great ideas that’ll pop in your world come and check us out and here’s to a great 2016

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