How to make a bird box | Natural History Museum

What you need Wood, nails, wire, pliers, terracotta pot,
file, hammer and hosepipe. Step 1. Build Use the file to enlarge the drainage hole
to the correct size for your bird species. 25mm for coal tits, marsh tits and blue tits. 28mm for great tits and tree sparrows. 32mm for nuthatches
and house sparrows. Hammer in four evenly spaced nails
around the base. Twist the wire around one nail and loop it once around the pot. Thread the wire
up and over the first loop. Secure by twisting onto the next nail. Repeat for all nails
until the pot is well secured. Step 2. Assemble Find a sheltered location to secure your box,
ensuring it faces northeast. Use the hosepipe to protect
the tree against wire damage. Step 3. Wait Your box is now ready
for a bird to move in.

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