In the digital age, I believe the experience
of printed photographs play a vital role in family history. So much time, effort, and money go into planning
a wedding. The dress, the venue, rings, flowers, wedding
stationery, and the list goes on. Many couples nowadays opt-out for wedding
albums and prints because they see it as expensive, and in this video, I’d like to share with
you the value and importance of having an album and prints made. I’ll also suggest some ideas on your to
have an exquisite album. I’m Rochelle Cheever, a photographer and
designer specialized in elopements and portraits. I help couples design their dream elopement. For the last decade I’ve scouted out some
of the most beautiful places in the world that are perfect for elopements. I’ve written two books including The Elopement Experience. And my mission to help couples personalize
their elopements to tell their unique story thus having a perfect Elopement Experience. Way back before the digital age, when it was
just analog film, all weddings delivered prints and albums. It was the norm. Sadly, today, most couples store them on their
computer or leave the pen drive in a drawer. This makes me cringe. Sometimes couples print their albums at places
where the quality is cheap and quick. I believe, if you invested so much in your
wedding or elopement, and paid for a quality photographer, then conserving your images
in a high-quality album to showcase and preserve your images should strongly be considered. If you hired a professional to take your photographs,
you should strongly consider getting your album from them. They are the creators of the images, and they
will create the body of work the way it supposed to be. Why are Wedding Albums Valuable? Wedding albums are meant to stay around for
decades — not years. You can relive your memories on your anniversary,
share with your family and friends. It’s a family heirloom. Looking at images on the computer or screen
is not the same as holding an album. You might ask, why are fine art wedding albums
so expensive? First of all, they are handmade and made with
the finest inks and quality materials. Many couples, trying to trim their budget,
opt out of getting an album made professionally and try to go about doing it themselves. If you design your album, the process will
be time-consuming, and hard (as you’re probably not a designer so the results won’t justify
your images). Wedding photographers work with professional
album labs who don’t sell to the public. You have to have a legitimate photography
website that is evaluated to use their services. These album companies use printers are of
the highest quality. Every image is calibrated to look the way
the photographer intended them, and they can read the image specs accurately. From the covers to the thick gallery board
pages, fine art papers and the UVA adhesive to preserve against the light, cannot compare
something you buy on Shutterfly. When a photographer shoots your wedding, they
usually have the album in mind. They are photographing to tell your story
cohesively. There is a start and an end. All of the selected images are then designed
and come alive again in a book creating a beautiful work of art. Here is my process for each album You choose your favorite images and your cover. I then use a professional design software
that is color-calibrated to layout and design your album Afterwhich I send layouts to my lab. Each album is handmade with close attention
to detail using the finest archival material to ensure
a long life. They are museum grade printing with acid-free
fine art papers and sealed with UVA protection. Process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. I’ll see you in the next video!

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  • Do you print your photographs and want to have a fine art album to showcase your wedding?

  • I don't print most photos but I have felt it's important to print wedding photos to remember daily the promises we made.

  • So great ! I think it’s definitely worth printing photos ! Me and my wife have an album of our wedding ! Great to have it !!

  • I love this! This is a lost art. Thank you for sharing and showing that this is still something that is enjoyable to do!! I love craft-like things like this.

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