How to ‘Like’ a Facebook account

Want to keep up with the latest news from
the Department of Human Services, or do you have a general question you want to ask us? You don’t have to visit a service centre
or call to find out, you can now connect with us online. We have a number of Facebook pages we use
to share the latest news and information with different audiences. Look us up! We can’t access your record when you contact
us on social media, but you can ask us any general questions on these pages and our team
will answer them. This often saves people from calling us or
visiting a service centre. If you don’t already have a Facebook account
and want one, watch our video on how to create one. If you already have a Facebook account, here’s
some steps on how to find us. Log in to your Facebook account. On your home page, you should see a search
bar across the top of the page. In there, type in the name of the page you’d
like to find. For example, type in ‘Seniors Update’. From here, you should see the page pop up
in your search results. Click on the text that says Seniors Update,
and it will take you to the page. Once you’re on the page, you should be able
to see the Seniors Update profile image, and the cover image, which is the big one across
the top of the page. Underneath the cover image, you’ll see a
button that says ‘Like’. If you click on the ‘Like’ button, that
means you are subscribing to our page. This means you’ll see our updates in the
newsfeed on your Facebook home page. You also have access to all the content we’ve
already posted. If you have general questions, you can ask
us on Facebook and we’ll do our best to answer them for you. You should see a section on the page saying
‘Write something on this page’. That’s where you can type your questions
and press post. We’ll respond to you as quickly as we can. Your questions and comments can be seen by
anyone who views the page, so make sure you don’t post personal information like your
Customer Reference Number. When we respond to you, you’ll get a notification
on the top right of your screen. You can also share your views or ask us questions
by clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on any content that we share. We’re always looking for ways to improve,
so we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Make sure you like our pages to receive the
latest Department of Human Services, Centrelink, Medicare and child support news and information. We look forward to connecting with you.

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