How to improve your YouTube recommendations and search results

Videos recommended to you
on the Home page, on Up Next and in in-app notifications are influenced by your activity
on YouTube and other Google products. We use all of these different signals to recommend you videos
we think you’ll want to watch. But, we know they’re not always perfect. So, in this video, we’ll show you what you
can do to improve YouTube’s recommendations. So, what can you do?You can edit and pause
your watch and search histories,
choose topics based on what you watchand remove specific videos
and channels recommended to you.
Your watch and search histories
can influence your future recomendations.
You can get to them
from the guide on your computer,
or from the setting’s menu
in your mobile app.
You can remove individual videos or searchesor clear your entire history.However, if you clear
your entire watch history
this resets your video recommendationswhich might impact their quality
and can’t be undone.
You also have
the option to pause your history.
But, if your history is pausedwhat you watch or search
won’t influence future recommendations
meaning we might recommend
videos that you’ve already watched
or recommend the same videos
over and over again.
So, if you want your recommendations
to continue to improve, keep your history on.
Watching a specific video in incognito modeis also a good option if you don’t want
that video to influence your recommendations.
On your Home and watch pagesyou’ll now see topics that you can chooseto fine-tune your recommendations.To fine-tune what you see
on your home page or Watch Next suggestions
just select the topic you want to watch.This should instantly change
the videos recommended to you.
If you come across
a specific video you’re not interested in
select the three-dot menu,
and then choose “Not interested.”
If you don’t want to see
videos from a specific channel
choose “Don’t recommend channel.”You’ll still be able to find
removed recommended videos and channels
if you search for them.And they’ll also show up
in your subscriptions feed
if you’re subscribed to that channel.If you don’t want to see an entire section
recommended to you on your computer
just click the “X” next to that section.If you’ve changed your mind
about your feedback
or just want to start overyou can clear your entire
“Not interested” feedback.
But, you cannot undo
individual feedback entries at this point.
To do this, go to might need to
sign in to your Google Account.
Find “Other Google activity” in the menu
or under the “My Activity” banner.
Choose “YouTube ‘Not interested’ feedback”then choose “Delete.”If you’d like to learn more
about YouTube recommendations check out the link
in the description below. Please send us your ideas
and feedback in the comments. And that’s it! Subscribe for more YouTube tips and tricks.

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