How to improve your Home page recommendations

Hey everyone, in this video, we’ll show
you how to influence what recommended videos YouTube shows to you on the Home page. So, how does YouTube figure out what to show
you on the Home page? We use your watch and search histories, liked
videos, and created playlists to recommend content based on your interests. If you’ve searched for a certain topic
and now you’re seeing it on your Home page, like repairing your bike, you can always clear
your history of that particular topic to stop seeing it. You can also remove recommended content on
the Home page to fine tune your recommendations. You can do this by selecting this menu icon
next to a video, then choosing “Not interested”. You can also remove recommended sections by
selecting this X. This works the same on YouTube’s mobile
apps. On the Home page, just tap the menu icon and
choose “Not interested”. By the way, you can clear your “Not interested”
feedback. This can be useful if you’ve removed recommendations
by mistake or if your tastes in videos change. The link to this can be found in the description
below. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
tips and tricks.

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