How To Hide Search History On Youtube Android

can hide the Youtube search history it is
the history whatever You search in Youtube gets saved in your YouTube channel so you can
hide this history from your Android device itself no need to go to PC and
log in to your YouTube account to get started for this you need to download
and install the YouTube application from the Google Play Store have already
installed here you can see it application sign in to your YouTube
account here I have already signed in now click on options in options you can see settings privacy policy help and feedback sign out so I’ll be
clicking settings settings you can see there are various options General of
line connected TV privacy notifications captions and about so in this you
have to click privacy in the privacy option you can find more options clear
watche history clear search history plus pause watch pause search history
you can in this video we are going to pause to search history that is hiding
the search history so we have to enable this now whatever you search search on your
YouTube account it never gets recorded in your YouTube account this is how you
can do that issue 12 plays in with again you have to just click back so I can see
it has already resumed now you have to just click it back also you can cause the watch history
to whatever you were watching on YouTube you can also pause this by clicking this
option for you can disable this this is how you can do it thank you for watching subscribe and
leave your comment for any feedback have have a great day

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