How to Get More Engagement on Your Live Streaming Videos

Hi there, I brought you some flowers! My name is Ileane and this is a peace
offering because today I want to share with you five things that you’re doing
that are hurting your engagement on your livestreams. Stay tuned because that’s
coming right up and I’m seeing a lot of mistakes and
honey let me tell you I’ve made a ton of mistakes so we’re going to take our
broadcasts to the next level I’ve done a lot of live streaming I’ve
experimented with tons of platforms some of you guys probably never even heard of
before but I want to make sure that we are doing our best to get engagement and
getting the most out of these livestreams you know we’re spending a
lot of time doing live streaming now I mean I’ve been trying to convince folks
to get on camera and use video for years on YouTube. But now that Facebook is into
this live streaming game I don’t have any problems convincing anybody Everybody is
all for it and people are just live streaming all day long so i want to
bring some things that like I said mistakes that I’ve made and I watch a
ton of live streams so I see a lot of YOU, making these mistakes. So I’m gonna
apologize in advance don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings I
just want to bring these to your attention because you can’t say well
nobody told me. Yeah I’m telling you right now so here we go and like I said one of
the first things that I struggled with even when i was doing my YouTube and
Hangouts on Air, was my lighting. My lighting right now I feel like my
lighting is pretty good can I get a Amen. Can I get a retweet can
that get somebody gonna get a hand clap ok my lighting is pretty good I do have
sunlight coming in from a window over here and I got some
other lights going one here but what I see people doing and I know a lot of
times you’re just thinking I need to be well lit. But what you don’t want to
do is have that light behind you and going into the camera. Because it’s
hurting your viewers eyes and they can’t be focused on what you’re talking about
because they’re really getting distracted with that blinding light that
you have especially when it’s the Sun When it’s the sunlight. You know it is just
overpowering and is very very distracting so please wherever you are try to get the Sun
behind your camera or your phone whether you’re doing it on desktop or whatever
or even if it’s coming from the side but not going towards your viewers hurting
their eyes. And the other thing that I see that’s also very distracting and I
guess some people think that well it’s part of their decor and they’re being
fashionable but please do not have your ceiling fan going. You’re making me dizzy!
It’s just going around and around and around and you think I’m watching you but i
can’t help it i’m watching the ceiling fan. Because our eyes are getting
attracted to that movement. You know they say even with livestreams when people
see them in the Facebook feed – and I’ll speak on Facebook because I’m actually
live streaming to Facebook right now. If the motion. It’s the activity that draws
somebody’s eye and they see that and then they say “oh that’s a video let me
go watch it.” So you don’t want to have that ceiling fan and this is probably the
biggest offender of what Ii see in the in people’s backgrounds. And a lot of
people have these lovely homes and the ceiling fan is beautiful but it’s distracting. And it’s making me dizzy so please turn
off your ceiling fan and if possible don’t even have the ceiling fan in the
background just don’t even have your camera pointed towards the where the
ceiling fan is. And I know sometimes it’s a logistics thing you’re worried about the
lighting so you got to turn around and then when you turn around then boom
the ceiling fan is there but at least turn it off okay turn it off and then try to
position your camera or your you know your phone so that and see minimize what
people see at the top of the screen there ok so that’s number one. And number two now
I think most of you are going to agree with me on this but I know somebody’s
feelings are gonna be hurt. I hope is not you. Number two reason why
and this is what’s hurting your engagement. You’re driving. You’re driving
you can not drive and livestream. First of all it’s rude. Second of all it’s
probably against the law in your state and it’s just not … think about when I
see someone driving and live streaming that tells me that they’re too busy to
livestream they really don’t want to be there. They are in the middle of doing
something else so they’re multitasking and they can’t make eye contact with me
they can’t read my comment or know if I’m giving them a like or you know
depending upon what platforms it’s on, a heart if it’s on Periscope. They don’t even
know because they’re driving and their attention has to be on the road and of
course we don’t want their attention to be taken off the road and they would
stop and look over at their phone because then we know what can happen
that you always want to keep your eyes on the road so when your eyes aren’t on the
road that is that means that you’re not paying attention
to the people that you’re supposed to be reaching out to, and that you’re trying
to get engagement from in the audience. So that is the number two thint that is
hurting your engagement please don’t livestream and drive. You
might want to take a Snap while you’re driving, even though they tell you not to,
you may want to take a pic while you’re behind the wheel hopefully you’re pulled over, but it’s
very distracting and people can’t focus on your message because they know you’re
not focused on them. Like right now you know I’m focused on you don’t you because guess what I’m not doing? Driving
okay? All right number 3 that’s what I will segue from that
engagement that you can’t get because you can’t read the comments and you
can’t see who is liking you and hearting you up and sharing for you Number 3 is you’re not responding to
those comments you’re not thanking people for sharing. Engage with them
thank them for coming to your broadcast and all of that so that is our number
3 so a lot of times let’s say you have a really active
stream and there’s just like so many comments you can’t keep up with them
first of all try to get help trying to enlist a friend to help you out with
your broadcast and then that person can help you moderate the chat and then they
can bring those really important comments to your attention if all fails
and you just you just can’t get somebody to help you you just there’s just too
many comments you just can’t handle them all, cause you are just awesome right? Because, you’re not driving, you got your lighting all setup you got your little background
going you brought flowers for your followers ok follow up with them on social media
go through those comments afterwards go through that chat. If it’s a site where
the chat tends to disappear try to copy and paste as much of that chat as you
can or try to somehow screen capture it as you’re doing your broadcast so that
you can go back follow up with people thank them find
out if they have questions engage with them on other platforms Alright next here’s a problem I’ve
definitely suffered from this many times not today though but many times. You
don’t have a plan! And when you don’t have a plan, you can’t be focused
people come to your broadcast they have no idea what you’re talking about you’re easily distracted, you’re going
down all kinds of rabbit holes and whatever conversation that just so
happens to come up if somebody does leave a comment and it’s off topic you
just go with it and it’s like people are like “what are you talking about today?” So
have a plan and try your best to stick to the plan now keeping him I what I
said about engaging with your followers and when they’re commenting and all of
that sure you want to answer comment but you
might say “okay hold on I’ll come back to that” because sometimes people just gonna ask you off top topic comments like somebody might right now my coming to
say what platform are you using to do that how you doing his facebook live
from your desktop that’s not what I’m talking about I’ll get
back to you at the end of the broadcast about that. And tell you about this cool
technology I’m using now oh ok ok so now that’s going to bring us
to number 5 and this is the last . and then I’m going to have a bonus tip
for you. You’re not promoting your live streams and I’m all really guilty of
this because most of the time i go live it’s on the spur of the moment for example i like to use my live page
to embed my live streams so that I can always tell people to come back to that
one page Now some of these other platforms some of the
platforms that i use don’t allow me to do that but what I do is I will always
make sure that I’m sharing it on twitter i’m sharing it one facebook and you know
wherever else that I think folks may be interested in whatever it is that i’m
talking about the other thing as far as promoting your live stream i try to
repurpose these videos and post them on youtube or on dailymotion or and this
case since i put it up on a group that is closed i will probably re-upload
it and you know download the file because I get the file from Huzza and I can also do it on facebook and
then re-upload it may be to my profile or maybe to my page or wherever it is
appropriate i like to repurpose we try to get a little bit more mileage and
then also people know that you’re going live all the time so it like all my
folks know that I’m going live all the time you know almost every day i’m doing
a live somewhere you may have a a devil of a time finding
me if I don’t have that embed code that’s why i like this site that I’m
using today which is huzza lets me have the embed code also YouTube does that it
gives you that embed code so you can embed it on your your blog or your
website so that people know where to find you and they can always you know
catch your live streams so you want to be promoting your livestreams now
there’s a couple of sites that let you do multi casting that’s what I like to
really call it a multi streaming or multi casting and one of them is Huzza the other one is
smiletime that’s one you guys might want to check out and I will have some
tutorials for that if you want them so those are the five tips I’m going to go
over real quick okay try not to have distracting lighting or ceiling fans in
your background don’t be driving okay make sure you’re
responding to questions make sure you have a plan before you go live and make
sure that you are promoting your live strange your cross promoting them
repurposing and multi casting whenever possible if you’re interested in
learning more about live streaming and multi casting to other platforms like
Facebook live right from your desktop please consider joining us over on
Patreon becoming part of the community and for as little as one dollar a month
you can have access to all the exclusive content that I’m sharing over there with
the community I’m Ileane Smith thanks so much have a
great day and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace

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