How to get Age of Empires 2 to work on Windows 10 (TURN ON SUBTITLES)

Go to this website and download the CD 2.0a patch (or relevant depending upon your version) Save and open the file from your downloads Double click to open it Install etc. etc. there is nothing dodgy so it’s all cool. This happens to be a no cd crack too. So once you have it installed you don’t need a CD. Useful if you have a notebook with no drive. Make sure it installs to the same directory that AOE 2 is in. Open AOE2 by double clicking on the file and accept when Windows asks you if you want to run it. Your game will open up in full screen. Don’t worry – this image is just how the third party screen recorder churned out the video. There’s a chance you might get a square aspect ratio when playing. However, connecting it to my TV gave me full widescreen with no problems. HAPPY PLAYING!!

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