How to FULLY clear your browsing history on iPhone, iPod, and iPad [Captions Included]

Hello there I’m here from and I am going to showing you how to clear your browsing history. What this video will do is it will include how to delete your google search history from right here. The suggestions and it
will delete all your cache and all your history overall. I’m going to be showing how to do it in iOS 5 which is much easier and in the second part I am going to show you how to delete it in all the previous generations. So the first thing you want to do is to make sure all your tabs are closed and after that (This is for iOS 5) And after that just click on the home button and go to your settings You should see something “Safari” right here. It’s in your settings. and below there is a clear history
button and double-check confirmed by clicking on a clear history click cookies and data… and clear cookies and data, tap that twice. And now you have successfully deleted everything
including the suggestions on your device so you shouldn’t see any suggestions. Now, if you do have iOS 4, 3… you know anything below five you have
to…. I’m going to show you how to delete that right now. Make sure all your tabs are closed, go to and go to settings. Search history which is the first thing. and click on clear and it will save your searches history on
Google has been cleared. That will confirm That will mean, Google search history right here… Let’s say you put whatever I typed it will no longer suggest that of course
i just type it in right now

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