How to find out the location history of your mobile number using google in android device

If you want to find out the location history
places where you had been by using your Google account then what you do is, open the, open
a browser and you need to open a site called Now at first let us know how this works. For this one to work you should have android
device with you which you should carry and then there should be location enabled in your
android device so that wherever you go the location history will be saved. So, once you open this website, I will just
log into my google account. Next. Now once I log into my google account, from
here I can choose the year. Then from here I can also choose the month. So, let me, So these if you see the vertical
bar. So, these are the days where my search histories
are recorded. So, for example if I want to find out where
I visited on this date, I will just click on it and it will show me where I had gone. So, this is the location from here I had been
here and again I returned back to the same location.

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