How to Find Liked Pages on Facebook 2017

Let’s look at how to find all the pages
you liked on Facebook. It may be time to clean all of those up. Through the years
you may have liked pages for friends for businesses you were interested in at the
time and no longer have interest in, some of those pages maybe dead or inactive.
There’s a million reasons you followed them and could be a million reasons why
you just want to get rid of them. So you’ve got room for the pages you are
interested in now. So let’s head over to Facebook and we’re going to see just how
easy it is to clean up all those pages. I’m Sheryl Loch with Ginger Roots Media
and we are on my personal Facebook profile and as you can see it’s got me
and Granny Fran. You can do this either from your personal page your home
page it doesn’t matter as long as you’re logged in. And what we are going to do is,
do a simple search for “pages I like”. Yeah, it’s really going to be this easy. So
right at the top here you’re going to see “pages I like”. You can simply click
“see all” and now you’re going to see all of the pages you have liked over however
long since you clean this up last. So while you’re in here you can see, are
there pages that you no longer want to follow, because you have a reason, I won’t
go into my reasons. But like this political page, he’s from here in the
area, I’m going to just go ahead and unlike. And that will clear it out. You
can go through all of these, simply unlike the ones you don’t want to have
listed anymore. Now while you’re back here, if you say,
wow I never see anything from that page, I wonder why. All you need to do is click
over to it, and you may want to go ahead let’s go over to Steve’s page. I can
click over here, you could open it in a new tab so you don’t lose your place. And
if I think wow Steve’s posting but I’m not seeing any of his post in my stream.
Then what I’m going to want to do is go to one of his posts and go ahead and
make a comment, make a like, do something with it. So this way I am now interacting
with the page. Do that with a few posts and he’ll start showing up in your
stream again. So it’s time to do some summer cleaning, winter cleaning, fall
cleaning, whatever season it is clean the crap out. Get rid of the pages you don’t
like, so you got room for all of those you do. Thanks for watching! Be sure to
share this with all of your Facebook friends, so they too can clean up their

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