How to Export Safari Bookmarks and History to Mac or PC

Hi this is Kirk from iMazing! Today I’m going to tell you how you can export your Safari history, bookmarks and
reading lists from your iPhone or iPad to your computer. When you browse the web
with Safari on your iOS device the browser saves some information about
your sessions. History – the websites you
have visited. Bookmarks – the websites you have saved to visit again And reading list – articles you have saved to read later. While you may sync these items to
your iCloud account, you may want to transfer them easily to another web
browser or view them on a computer where you were not signed into iCloud. You may also want to recover these items from a backup made by either iMazing or iTunes
if you’ve lost your iPhone and need to access this information. iMazing can help,
allowing you to export each of these types of data in CSV, comma separated
values, or HTML format that you can then import into a spreadsheet or to other
web browsers. Here’s how:
Launch iMazing and connect your iOS device. If you’ve already connected a
device and it’s available via Wi-Fi you’ll be able to use it without a wired
connection. Select your device in the
iMazing sidebar, then click on Safari. iMazing displays three icons below the
Safari icon. History, bookmarks and
reading list. Click one of these icons to
view its data. To export your Safari
history – click the history icon, then click export to CSV or export to HTML. If you export items to CSV format, you
will be able to import them into a spreadsheet such as Excel or Apple
numbers. If you export an HTML format
you’ll have a file that you can open as a web page in any browser. All items will show as links and you can click them or import them into another web browser. To export your bookmarks – click bookmarks beneath the Safari icon. Select one or more items, then click export to CSV or export to HTML as explained above. You can then import them to another browser. For example, you can easily import them
into Chrome by choosing the chrome menu, then bookmarks, import bookmarks and
settings, import from HTML file. And to export your reading list click
reading list beneath the Safari icon. Select one or more items, then click
export to CSV, or export to HTML. Your
reading list is just a list of bookmarks and any other browser will treat them as
such if you import them.

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