How To… Ep.1 – How to Find a Hikvision Camera on your Network

Welcome to our first How To video This week’s episode will be focusing on How
to find a Hikvision camera on your network. The 1st step, if your cameras are brand new,
is to find out what the IP range of your network is and whether or not your camera’s default
IP address fits inside that range. The default IP address of all Hikvision cameras is To find your network’s IP range you’ll
1st have to open Windows Command prompt. Once open type ipconfig, all lower case, into
the command window and hit enter, you will be shown your IPv4 address, Subnet Mask and
Default Gateway. The IPv4 address is the computer you’re using
to run the commands IP address, and the default gateway is the IP address of your network
router, if you’re camera’s default IP address falls numerically between these 2 then you
should be able to just type the default address into your browser and connect. If it does connect then you should be able
to log in and go, but if it doesn’t you’ll have to do one final step. You’ll need to scan your network for devices,
to do this download Hikvision’s SADP tool, it can be found here for worldwide customers,
and here for european customers. We strongly recommend not using the SADP tool
included on the free software disc that came with your camera as this version is usually
outdated and lacking core functionality. Once downloaded and installed via the standard
installation wizard, you should have a desktop icon for the tool, double click to open it
and it will automatically scan your network for Hikvision MAC addresses. When the scan is finished a list of the Hikvision
devices on your network will be displayed with all their network information, when you
find your new camera if you click on it a box will pop up on the right hand side. This is the activation box, recently Hikvision
stopped selling cameras with default passwords because people weren’t changing them and
it was becoming a security risk, so now this box prompts you to create a unique username
and password for each new camera you add. Once the device is activated then you will
be able to open the network settings for the camera and change its IP address from the
default to another address within your network’s range. Now when you search this new IP address in
your browser you should find the camera straight away, it will ask for your username and password,
this is the one you just gave the camera to activate it Now you should be in and able to play around
with the settings and features to your heart’s content, in the coming weeks we’ll be covering
more steps to follow after this like connecting your camera to an NVR and setting up remote
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  • How about some walk through videos on Hikvision NVR like

    1 Live View and varries options, ie stream, sub stream, audio, ptz, phone viewing and tablets

    2 Plaback, finding events, saving footage etc

    3 Configuation looking at every menu item, with sub videos showing how to set arming and motion detection, email alerts etc

  • please help me sir, i don't setup my pump hikvision camera in my home pc into p2p connection. 9547931743 please call me sir

  • I tried following this tutorial but on my sadp it only comes up with the nvr and not the cameras so it doesn’t show any inactive cameras please help

  • So far I've seen – camera not accessible on the Hik documented IP ( and "don't use the Hikvision SADP on the CD in the camera box as it'll be out of date and lacking core functionality" (!) then when you use SADP the camera isn't on but And if you run Linux with Firefox you'll not be able to use SADP for Windows! Probably easier to return the camera to Amazon & buy one from a manufacturer that understands customers ? Great work Hikvision.

  • Please help,
    When trying to acess the camera through browser i get this error only:

    Access Error: 404 — Not Found

    Can't locate document: /notSupported.asp

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