How to Enable, View or Clear Clipboard History on Windows 10

The clipboard is one of those features
we use so much we take it for granted Just imagine if you could not copy and
paste. That would be a disaster! Well that’s where clipboard history comes in.
Well with Windows 10, you can now store even more information to the clipboard
and even view them later on. So let’s find out how to unable or view clipboard
history. The easiest way to enable clipboard history is by pressing and
holding the Windows key and then pressing V. Once you do that, you’ll see this
little notification comes up, and if it was disabled it will tell you that
clipboard history is off, and it will tell you to turn it on. So click turn on
to enable it. The standard way to enable clipboard history is by
clicking the start button and then type clipboard in the search field and then
from there select clipboard settings from the search results and then go
under where it says clipboard history and click the switch to turn it on. Alright
so now let’s put this feature to the test. Let’s see if it’s able to memorize
what I copied to the clipboard and you are in for a little surprise too. A little
surprising announcement so this is what I just I typed techddictive will now focus
more on exciting Windows 10 tutorials instead. From this point forward,
this channel will primarily focus on Windows 10 tutorials. Now one thing you guys
have probably realized about the recent videos in this channel is that we are
straight to the point — no gimmicks. Well it’s going to stay that way. In fact it’s
going to get even better and also from this point forward you can start finding
written versions of our videos from and like our videos they
are simple straight to the point and easy to follow along and in addition to
Windows 10 there will be exciting videos about the nitty-gritty geeky details of
tech about how certain things work and why they work that way. So it’s going to
be really really exciting. Where were we again? so I’m going to test
this feature out by copying the first three lines of this text and now I’m
going to hit the windows and V key on my keyboard to see the clipboard history
and there you go as you can see there it is this is the text I just copied and
now if I go back and copy another portion of this text you should see it here
as well so now let me copy this text and hit the windows V
key on the keyboard and voila there you go and if you want to clear the
clipboard history you can always hit clear all from the top right. So as you
can see you overall it’s really simple to view, enable and to clear
clipboard history you can also find a written version of this video from from the link in the video description and like our video our
article is very very easy to follow along you’ll be surprised no gimmicks
just straight to the point for more videos like this please subscribe and
thanks for watching

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