How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups in Google Chrome Browser

Hello welcome to my video on how to
enable or disable pop-ups within Google Chrome. Let’s get started.
Open up your Google Chrome browser, click on the three black bars at the top
right hand corner of the screen, go down to Settings, roll to the bottom of the screen click on show advanced settings. Under the heading privacy click on content settings, roll down through the
options until you get to the words ‘pop-ups’. To allow
pop-ups click Allow all sites to show pop-ups To block pop-ups click do not allow any
sites to show pop-ups. If you want to add an
exception, if you want to block or allow a
particular website from generating pop-ups, click on Manage
Exceptions, enter the web address here and then
click allow or block. Once you are happy with the
settings click done and then to come out of the settings menu click the x on the
tab. Thank you for watching my video I hope
you found this useful, please feel free to add a like or a
comment below.

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