How to eco-wrap a present | Natural History Museum

What you need Brown paper, foliage, metallic pen,
twine, craft supplies, eco-friendly paint Step 1. Create Roll out
your brown paper Select a leaf
with a clear shape Paint the leaf
on one side Press it onto your paper
like a stamp Repeat all over
until your paper is decorated Step 2. Wrap Once the paper is dry
you can wrap your presents Ditch the tape
and get creative Try an origami
wrapping method Use twine or cotton ribbon
to secure the paper in place Step 3. Decorate Avoid plastic decorations
and use foliage to create compostable ones Step 4. Label Finally, label your present
with a compostable tag Use a metallic water-based pen
to write a message on a leaf Attach it to your present
and it’s ready to be given

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