How to disable the most visited list in Google Chrome Windows 10

Hey guys. Eddie the magic monk here.
Today we’re going to talk about a new feature in Google Chrome in Windows 10
is you right-click on the icon in your task bar you will see that there
is a list of the most visited websites that you go to and this list corresponds
with ok if you open up Google Chrome it’s pretty much the same list as what
you see when you open up a new tab and you will see that it’s gonna load up in
a second hopefully it will let’s open up another
one so you will see that these four things here are pretty much identical to
these four things here but if you remove them from here okay let’s say I remove
two of them from here it’s not going to update straight away so it doesn’t
update straightaway you still see these two things here but if you wait for a
few minutes okay so let’s do a bit of browsing and let’s wait for a few
minutes and see if it oh it’s already changed so it’s gone so those two things
that I’ve deleted it they are already disappeared off the list and I guess you
can call this a jump list so you might say well I don’t want anything to show
up here how do I disable this list so all you can do really is well you can
clear the history so you can go to this menu go into settings go into history
and you can clear the browsing data and you can clear it all and that will clear
your list okay but what’s gonna happen is Google Chrome
is still going to automatically log the history and there is actually
no way you can stop it from doing that in the settings but if you can find it
please let me know but there is I can’t see anything here about displays an
option for disabling the history so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into
the history file okay inside your hard drive and that file is a bit hard to
find but basically it’s under C Drive under users under whatever your user
name is my user name is Eddie so it’s called Eddie so under C Drive
users Eddie AppData local Google Chrome user data default okay under all of
these folders there is a history file okay there’s a history file and what you
can do is you can make it read-only so that Google Chrome can’t add new entries
to it so if you right-click on that and choose properties and change it to
read-only and what’s gonna happen is back into Google Chrome okay if I go to
some more websites so let’s go to let’s just go to Google and it’s going to eBay
let’s go to Amazon oops that probably doesn’t exist but any oh yes it does
anyway so I’ve visited some more websites but if I close this down and if
I press ctrl H it still shows up on my history which is very annoying hang on a
second so I have made sure that it doesn’t show up anymore and basically
what I had to do was I had to shut down Google Chrome and open it up again and
what would happen is if I go into some other website so for
example let’s go to all these websites let’s go into
something else alright so all
these websites let’s close them down and let’s open up control H and you can see
they are not on the list so because you have made that history
file read-only we can’t add any more entries to the history file but the
reason why it added the two websites that we were looking at was because I
hadn’t closed down Google Chrome yet so you need to shut down Google Chrome and
then start it up again and that way it no longer has access to the history file
okay thanks for watching guys see you next time.

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