How to Disable Right Click in WordPress

Hello and welcome to WPKlik’s YouTube channel. Today we’re going to show you how to disable
right click in WordPress and protect your content from copying and theft. The best way to disable right click is to
use a plugin created just for this purpose, called WP Content Copy Protection & No Right
Click. First you’ll need to find and install the
plugin. To learn how plugins are installed, check
out the link in the description of this video. After you have successfully installed and
activated the plugin, go to your Dashboard and click on Settings. From there, navigate to WP Content Copy Protection. The main settings are the basic ones, i.e.
the ones you get for free. Everything else, including the tabs next to
Main Settings, is premium and you have to upgrade to use it. Enable the protection for pages where you
need it, for instance, your posts, your homepage and static page. And that’s it. Your content will now be protected from copying
and no one will be able to view your site code using the Inspect command. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. For more information on this topic, check
out the description and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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