How To Delete Youtube Search History?

If you open then you will see
some recommended videos over here. Why youtube shows recommended to you? It is because youtube
track what you search for. So, in this training video I’ll show you how to delete youtube
search history. Stay tuned! Hey Guys, Ankit here from and
in this video we will learn how to delete history in youtube search. First go to your
video manager, now click on Search History, now select the history which you want to delete
and either click on remove or you can clear all your search history. Just remove it or
you can select all the search history and clear all search history. Your search history
has been cleared. So, if you go back and search for another
query and again go back to video manager, then it will show in your search history.
See. So you can easily remove it from here. So, guys this is all for today about how to
remove youtube search history. I hope my video helped you and if it is so then help me also
by thumbs up the video, comment on it, share the video and don’t forget to subscribe my
youtube channel. Thankyou!

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  • uDo you want to know why Youtube shows recommended videos to us? It is only because youtube track what you search for.  If you don't want youtube to keep that record, you can easily delete all of your search history with this easy video tutorial.

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  • I follow your instructions & was able to delete those search but when I go to history (drop from arrow next to youtube logo, upper left hand ) I cant delete those singly. I can either delete all or none. can you help?

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