How To Delete YouTube Search History 2019

Hi there If you’d like to delete
your YouTube search history, then stay tuned, watch this
video all the way to the end as I show you how. Hi there, David Walsh here once again from, your place to grow your
business using YouTube. In this video I’m gonna show
you how you can clear or delete your YouTube search histories so that YouTube isn’t
tracking what you’re watching. Now if this is your first time here, make sure to hit the subscribe
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we upload a brand new video. So YouTube tracks your search history so that it knows what you’re looking for and then can recommend new videos to you every time you pop on their platform. So if you wanted to delete some of your searches from your history, or the whole thing completely
for whatever reason, then we’re gonna head on
over to the trusty computer as I show you how. Okay, so, here we are in YouTube. So let’s do a quick search. Let’s go Bugs Bunny,
there we go, Bugs Bunny. So there’s Bugs Bunny right there, so we’ve got Bugs Bunny
in our search history. So, to remove our search history, all we need to do is to go here, so if you haven’t got this open go to the hamburger on the top left, and then click on history. So you’ll see here we
have our watch history. To clear your search history, go over to the right hand side
where it says search history. So we see here we’ve got Bugs Bunny, we’ve got how to YouTube,
we’ve got David Walsh. So this would be our long
stream of search history here. This is a dummy channel so I’m just using this as a demonstration. So if you want to clear
some of your history, you just click on the X, and you can remove them
leaving what you want. If you want to clear
all your search history, go over to the right hand side and then clear all search history, then it will say your YouTube
history will be cleared from all YouTube apps on all devices. And if you want to know more, basically click this link here. So we’re gonna click on
clear search history. So it’s gonna clear all our
history from our browser, our apps, anywhere where
you’re logged into YouTube with this particular account. So there you go, that’s how you quickly and easily delete your search history,
whether in part or in full, from YouTube. That’s how you do it on desktop and I will also have a video for you on how you can do it on mobile as well. And, as usual, the link will be in the ole description below. I’d love to know what
you thought of this video and if you’ve just gone and
implemented it for yourself. Let me know in the ole
comments area below, and as always if you have
a question about this or anything else to do with YouTube, again, make sure to pop that
in the ole comments area below and I’ll do the best I can to help you get that question answered. Make sure to like and share the video with someone who you think
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business using YouTube. So if you want to delete your ta– So if you wanted to de– To delete some of your search hi– (growls)

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