How to Delete YouTube Search History 2016

Hey everyone this is Mike, today I like to show you how to delete your YouTube
search history so to do that it’s actually real simple we’re gonna go to and
then the first thing you want to do is just make sure you are logged in to the
account you wanna delete the history from and just come over to left about
four down you’re going to see history click on that one the first year to see as you can see
your watch history and you’re gonna see search history so just real quick on the
watch History page you do have an option of clearing all watch history right here
you can actually pause the watch history or if you just want to delete one of the
videos you can just come to the right and you’ll see X-ray here and you just
click once and I’ll remove that particular video now under search
history we click onto that one once again you can clear all search history
pause search history so as not being recorded or once again if you just want
to remove one or two items you can come over here we see the three dots click on it
once you’re gonna see remove from search history click that and it’ll be deleted so anyways
it’s real simple to do and it’s a good way to manage your account if you need
to so anyways if this helped you out definitely hit Like button down below share with
somebody that you might think this video might help and subscribe I do have a lot
of great videos coming down the pipeline here and you guys are really good day

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