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  • thank you..!

  • how do I do this on mobile YouTube?

  • hi, would you be able to help me with the following problem:
    I had a google account with 2 youtube accounts connected to it … one was a default one with my name and surname … i then created another account with a customized username … i then deleted the default channel with my name and surname … now youtube doesn't recognise my other channel, it keeps telling me to create a channel, even though my second youtube channel is still registered and active on the same googlre account

    what do i need to do in order for youtube to reconcognise my other youtube channel ? right now it seems that youtube doesnt recognise any youtube channels on my google account …

    i even experimented creating a new channel with my name and surname as google suggested but then i recieve the message: too early to change your name

    please help

  • How to clear YouTube history on Samsung smart tv????

  • thanks for helpling. i thought some settings we have to do for automatic clear of watch history but showed me simple way.

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