How to Delete Youtube History with sign in | Without sign in

Hi this is Harish Bali YouTube is really great at not only recording
your watch history but also your search history. I will show you how to delete both. Login to YouTube using your Google account. Click on history from the left hand navigation. If you want to delete history of a particular
video, select it and click on remove. History of that particular video will get
deleted. And if you wish to delete your complete history,
select All and click on clear all watch history. Are you sure you want to clear your entire
history? Clear all watch history. So your history of complete YouTube video
watched has got cleared. If you don’t want YouTube to record your watch
history, click on this button – pause watch history and YouTube will not record your watch
history. If you want to resume it, click resume and
it will resume. Now let me show you how to delete search history. Let me search for something. Cycling stunts
road bike. I have just searched for it, I have not clicked
on it. Click on the image at the top, go to Creator
Studio. Go to video manager. Click on search history. This video that we just searched 19 seconds
ago is appearing here. So, this is how your search history appears. If you wan to delete a particular video from
a search history, click on it and remove. If you want to delete all your search history,
select all and clear all search history. Clear all search history, click and your search
history gets cleared. That was about clearing watch and search history
when I was logged in with my Google account. How about clearing recommended history? I have been watching lots of stunts bikes
scooters which YouTube is showing as Recommended videos and I’m also logged out as of now. So, how about clearing this? You will have to delete your cookies on Chrome
and Firefox depending upon the browser that you are using. I have made two seperate videos
on how to clear cache and cookies and browser history on Google chrome as well as firefox. Link is given in the description. You can
go and watch it and I hope you guys have really enjoyed watching this tutorial. Give a thumbs up to this video and do subscribe
to this channel for more tutorials on YouTube, facebook and other things. Thanks for watching.

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  • We shall appreciate if you provide Tips on " How to view age restricted videos in youtube without log  in ?.Otherwise NIce Video Tutorial excelling day by day?

  • My web page is different than yours.
    Here is what I must do.

    On the upper left side of the screen, next to the U tube logo, click on the 3 bars/triangle. On that dropdown list click "history". Now here is how, run the cursor over the upper right corner of each individual item. Three dots in a vertical row will appear. Click on this and a rather large box with "remove from watch history" appears. Click it.

  • which screen video capture do you use?? please tell me sir
    I subscribed you and liked this video and thank you!

  • thanks dude so nice 

  • Thanks a lot !

  • When I type something in, it shows all of my previous searches, even though I made them signed out. How do I remove these?

  • I open youtube in incognito. So there is no point of cache's, cookies and history being stored. Even then those recommended channels are shown up accordingly. Is Youtube having seperate plugin that stores caches.

  • complede lmqo go do bideo banager lmao

  • Eww ur accent is annoying

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