how to delete YouTube history- clear| remove| delete history on YouTube 2014

hey guys this question is like very simple but most people don’t know they wanna know how to delete YouTube history looking for you means that you live how to remove YouTube history First of all, I want you to login to your email id like I am Here, it’s my email id. Now go on YouTube ok. Open youtube Two times Ok because I wanna tell you that there are two types of youtube history to be cleared First is, when you go on YouTube now you are logged in like I am logged in Now this is my watch history ok and then on other Youtube, I wanna go to my youtube channel ok.. then go to video manager and here under video manager there is search history. I wanna go there Ok.. Now there are two different things. First is YouTube watch history those videos which you have watched here ok on youtube watch history and then those videos when you went on youtube and typed in something and searched a keyword or phrase that is YouTube search history so, for you to clear youtube watch history now these are the videos which I have watched How to clear youtube views now i can choose which videos I don’t wanna keep choose them like here & say remove look they are gone I can go here and say all, All of the videos will get selected and I can clear Ok.. So, now I don’t have any watch history Lets go to search history. This is different I told you. What you type on YouTube and search for a phrase. Ok. these are my search term on youtube and I can remove them I can choose here, everything gets selected let me show you first, let select this one and say clear all searches I have cleared. I can also say cler all search history and everything will get deleted Guys like this video please share it give it thumbs up, subscribe

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