How To Delete Your YouTube Search History? यूट्यूब में खोज का इतिहास कैसे मिटाते हैं?

Do you want to learn how to delete your You Tube Search History? Then keep watching this video Hello, My name is Aekta Do you know that You Tube saves your entire search history on its own and recommends new videos to you based on your search queries Google stores this information about you and can use this information at a later date What you searched or saw is your private information If you don’t want to share this with You Tube then how to delete this search history ? Let’s learn how to do this Let’s go to Click on the Sign in button and sign in with your username and password Now we are logged into You Tube If you want to see your search history click on My Channel on the top left side Now you are in your channel. Click on Video Manager Your video manager will open Click on Search History in the menu on the left My entire search history is displayed here This entire history has been saved by You Tube on its own If you want to remove only a single item from the search history you can remove it separately For instance this is a movie I had searched Select the item and click on remove If you want to remove your entire search history you have 2 options You can check this box to select all your search queries Click on Remove to remove all the search queries Let’s uncheck the box The easier way to delete your You Tube Search history is by clicking on the Clear all Search History button Your entire search history will be deleted in one click Let’s click on Clear All Search History It is re-confirming if you want to clear your entire search history. There is no way to undo it later. Click on the Clear All Search History button The entire Search history has been cleared Click on the X button Click on Search History It states that your search history is empty The search history has been deleted and is now empty You Tube will continue to track your search history. Let me explain this Let’s type something in the Search bar to search it Let’s search Kya Kaise Skype Hindi The search results will display Kya Kaise Skype videos Let’s go back to our Search History Click on My Channel and Video Manager Click on Search History The search query that I had typed 20 secs ago is being tracked In this manner You Tube will continue to track you We have already deleted the old history. If you do not want You Tube to track your future search queries you will need to take one extra step. You can activate pause search history Let me first remove this search query Let’s click on Pause search history Your search history has now been paused Your search queries will no longer be tracked by You Tube So we have deleted our past history and have ensured that even in the future it shall not be tracked Now you have learned how to delete your search history on You Tube If you liked the video please press the Like button on You Tube and share the video Subscribe to our You Tube channel to get regular updates on new videos Keep Watching Kya Kaise and Keep Learning Thank You

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