How To Delete Your YouTube Channel & Google Plus Page

Hi this video is about How To Delete Your
YouTube Channel and Google Plus Page If you’re like me you probably have several
channels listed under your main YouTube channel But what if I want to get rid of one of these
channels? Herman Drost
Here are the steps to delete a YouTube channel and its associated Google Plus page
Keep in mind that when you delete your YouTube channel it will  delete everything on it
including your videos, messages and comments. You also won’t be able to create a new channel
if you want to use the same URL later. Step 1 Sign into your YouTube channel
Click on the profile picture Here you can see I have a number of channels
listed under my main channel I want to get rid of drostvideoconsulting
so I click “drostvideoconsulting” Click the profile picture
Click YouTube settings Click advanced
Scroll down to the bottom here it says “delete channel”
So you just click “delete channel” Here it says “please note this will permanently
remove drostvideoconsulting and its data from YouTube including videos, playlists, subscribers,
comments, search and watch history however your Google account won’t be deleted”
So then you just confirm by clicking “delete channel”
That’s it! If you have a Google Plus page associated
with your YouTube channel it will still exist even after you’ve deleted the channel
So how do you remove your Google Plus page? Click your profile picture
Click YouTube settings Click edit on Google Plus
Scroll up the Google Plus page From the drop down click “All Pages”
Select your page Click “manage this page”
Go to this gear icon Click the drop down
Click settings Scroll all the way down to the bottom
Click “Delete page” That’s it
Now you’ve removed the Google Plus page that’s associated with your YouTube channel
Here’s a valuable  power tip YouTube allows you to create 50 different
channels under your main YouTube channel. This comes in handy if you want to create
a new channel for each new niche. This also means you can manage all your YouTube
channels under one YouTube account And now I’d like to invite you to subscribe
to my Free e-course “21 Ways To Get YouTube Traffic”
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