How To Delete Your Search History

Hello everyone! So today I’m going to show you how to delete your Google account history. First, you go to Google. Then you see your icon up there, on the top right corner? Click on it. You should see “Account”, where you can manage your account. Click on it. Now, here you will see a choice bar. Select “Account History” on the choice bar, which allows you to manage your history. Here you can see the categories of account histories. So if you want to manage your Google search history, Just select the one on the top left corner. Click “Manage History”. Now, here is your history. This shows what you have searched for in the past few months, or even years. These show what your history is. If you want to delete one Google search, just click on the little box on the left. Then you click on that button, and it will be deleted. See? Now, sometimes you would want to delete ALL of your history, not just one little search So for this, you can click the options tool on the top right corner. Then you select “Remove Items” Remember, select “From the Beginning of Time” This way you can delete everything from when you started using your account. Just click that little “Remove” button, and you’re done!! Thanks for watching this video. Please like, comment, and subscribe! (alright there’s no more interesting stuff, the video’s over)

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