How to Delete Your internet Explorer Browsing History for FI$Cal

How to delete your browsing history with Internet explorer If you’re experiencing any log on issues to FI$Cal or functionality issues, you may need to clear your browsing history and temporary memory called cache or cookies. To delete your internet explorer browsing history first open your browser. Move your cursor to the top right corner of your screen to what looks like a machine cog, located below the X that closes your browsing screen. The cog will turn blue once you’ve hovered over it. Click the cog to open the dropdown menu, then select “Internet options,” the second option up from the bottom of the list. The internet options menu will open up on the “General” tab. From the internet options menu you can select several different user preferences for your internet explorer browser. For this demonstration, we are going to delete our browsing history. After opening your internet options move your cursor to, and click on the “Delete…” button located in the “Browsing History” section highlighted here in green, of the “General Tab.” By clicking the “Delete…” button you will open up the “Delete Browsing History” menu. Make sure that the following preferences are checked or set to your preference: “Preserve Favorites website data” “Temporary Internet files and website files” “Cookies and website data” must be checked to delete website history data “History” must be checked to delete history “Download history” “Forum Data” “Passwords” “Tracking protection, Active X filtering and Do not track” Once you’ve set your “Delete…” menu preferences, click on the delete at the bottom of the menu. Click “Ok” on the internet options menu. Congratulations! You’ve successfully deleted your internet explorer history. As you can see from this split screen. The browser on the bottom of your screen displays some history in the url, whereas the browser on the top of your screen shows no urls displayed. If you like this video and you would like to see more, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.
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