How to delete videos from your ‘Liked’ Playlists – NOT WORKING

hello everyone please welcome and join me on my easy step Channel I’m going to show you today that how you going to delete unwanted playlists from your YouTube channel I’m going to show you what you’re going to do you click on my channel once you click on my channel now you go on the right side it’s a subscriber list above your channel art and says viewers and video manager you need to click a video manager so you click video manager once you click the video manager it opens the video manager now you come back on the left side again now you go under like that’s what you don’t want to see it now if you see that check box appeared so under the video likes they are two of them supposingly you wanted to delete if right now it’s a two maybe it’s good ten or can be hundred whatever you like and if they are 100 you want to take everything in one shot so you want to take it down you just collect the top check mark it will highlight each single one of them the one on your like list then you’re going to say remove be able to remove everything but supposingly if you wanted to keep a certain and you wanted to remove certain videos then you can be a selective you can select each one of them just like this you check the tick mark it will highlight and then you go back and remove and again the same scenario if you want it to there right now is one supposing Lisa 10 20 you want it to remove all at the same time you click at this one you say remove so your list will be empty and now if we go back to our again on a channel list we’re gonna say easy steps so now I’m going to click on my playlists see no more like video only if you like this video and if you really it help you subscribe my channel and I would appreciate it you have a good day thank you for watching easy step channel bye bye

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