How to DELETE the Internet HISTORY in GOOGLE CHROME Browser

Hello and welcome to my video on how to
delete the internet history within Google Chrome. Lets get started!
Open up your Google Chrome browser. Click on the three black bars at the top right hand corner of the screen. Go down to ‘History’. Once your history page has loaded you can click ‘Clear browsing data’ select ‘Browsing history’ ‘Download history’, ‘Cookies and other sites and plugin data’ and ‘Cashed images and files’. These are the recommended ones that you delete but you can also optionally delete ‘Passwords’, ‘Autofill form data’, ‘Posted app data’ and ‘Content Licences’. You need to select how much of the history you want to delete, so you can select ‘the past hour’ ‘past day’, ‘past week’, ‘last 4 weeks’ or ‘the beginning of time’. I usually
select ‘the beginning of time’. once you’ve done selecting what history you want to
delete, just click the ‘Clear browsing data’ it will take a moment to update and then you’re done! Thank you for watching my video, I hope you found this useful please feel free to add a like or a comment below.

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