How to delete the history in Acrobat Reader

Hi! Today, I’d like to explain
how to delete the history in Acrobat Reader. First, let’s start with what the history in Acrobat Reader is. If you open a PDF file with Acrobat Reader, the Acrobat Reader shows you what files
you recently opened with it, like this. The intent is that it makes you convenient
when you want to reopen it next time. But sometimes, you want to delete this, right? For example..
After opening a file
containing some private information in a public place, you may feel like “Oh, I want to delete the history..” So, I’d like to introduce how to do it.. The simplest and obvious way
to prevent other people from opening it is, of course, just deleting the original file like this. Oh, in this case, don’t forget
to empty the trash can like this. If you do this, it’s all done. If you open Acrobat Reader,
although you see the history remaining, when you try to open the file by clicking it, as you can see, here comes the message saying,
“Cannot find the file.” So, after deleting the original file, you
don’t have to worry about the history remaining. But, sometimes I see people
who want to delete the history even so. Sadly, the Acrobat Reader does not provide
the built-in method to delete the history. So we should do it with some..
“technical” method.. Let’s first close the Acrobat Reader.
Then.. You should edit what is called “Registry”. So.. How to do it is..
In Windows 7, if you press the start button,
there is a space for running commands. You should type here, “regedit”. Here comes the registry editor.
On the left-hand-side, you can see the registry list. You should find the corresponding (Acrobat Reader’s history) registry. In my case, it’s:
Adobe Acrobat->10.0->AVGeneral->cRecentFiles”. Right-click on the “cRecentFiles”, and select “delete”. Here comes the confirmation,
and click on “yes”. You can see that the “cRecentFiles” is deleted.
You should be careful, because if you accidentally delete other important registry than this,
it may cause you some headaches.. It’s done.
So.. let’s close the registry editor and open the Acrobat Reader.
As you can see here, the history is gone. Of course, in the “File” menu,
it’s gone, too. This is it for today.
Thank you for watching this video.

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