How To Delete Search History on Youtube | Stop Youtube From Saving Search History

Hello everyone. Al here recording this short
video just to show you how to delete your watch and search history on Youtube. It’s
really simple, from your home page once you sign into your account, you’ll go to the history
section here and as you can see these are the videos that I’ve watched, and these are
some of the searches that I’ve looked for. Okay, it’s very simple, just click “clear
all watch history”, and do it again, and if it doesn’t disappear, all you have to do is
refresh your page and you see every thing is gone, and if you don’t want Youtube to
keep saving your watch history all you have to do is hit this “pause watch history” and
we do the same with the search history, clear every thing, and if you wanna stop Youtube
from saving whatever you look for, you just hit “pause search history”. That’s all it
takes. It’s that simple. Hopefully this was helpful to some of you. Please feel free to
leave a comment, like the video, or subscribe to my channel. Anything will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much and have a great day everyone.

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