How To Delete Search History On Your Facebook App For Android Mobile & Ios-2019

Hello guys and welcome back to my
youtube channel “Teconz”. Today I m going to show you how to delete your
search history from your Facebook application and this method almost works for all android mobile devices and it may be works on Ios iphone also. Now a days most of the people’s are using Facebook application on their various
devices, so at that time some user’s are searching unknown Facebook profiles via
Facebook search feature, after a few days the search result counting’s are very high. So to avoid this kind of situations now I have the one solution,
so what is it?. So let’s get started…First of all open your Facebook application in your android mobile or Ios device and then complete
your login or sign up processes, now in this home page section you can press
that horizontal 3 lines icon and it is placed at the almost top of right side
corner and it shows some options, but you can scroll down and then select
“Settings & privacy” and once again it shows some options, now you can go to
“Settings” and the first one. So here it shows lots of account related settings, but you can locate the settings called “Media and contacts”, now I try to locate
it and then click open it and also I get this search history
delete option and it is placed at the bottom, so by simply press that option called “Clear browsing data from your phone” and it ask for a confirmation, so you can select “ok”. Finally the process is completed and in bottom it shows “Last cleared on today and followed by it shows exact time, once the process is completed finally I try to check it, if my search history is
deleted or not. So how to do it?. Just go back to your home page and then press your Facebook search bar. Finally here you can see all my facebook search histories are deleted successfully and this trick
works very smoothly. So this is the way you can easily delete your facebook
search history by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can subscribe my
beautiful tech Channel “Teconz” and thanks for watching…

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