how to delete internet explorer 11 browsing history

hello welcome to how to clear browsing history of Internet Explorer on your microsoft windows XP vista 7 8 8.1 and 10 or how to delete or clear internet explorer browsing history welcome my name is emily and i welcome you to my channel this is tab tube if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so so I’m using Internet Explorer a lesson to check you can go to about internet explorer from the gear icon on the right top and this is in genetics for 11 in case if you don’t have internet explorer 11 on your weather 7 computer this is winter stuff and you can see here you can install it you can watch my other video how about how to install internet explorer 11 make sure you have service pack 1 in case if we do not have service pack 1 you can look for windows 7 service pack 1 update and that’s a freely available from Microsoft website where you can download that and install it and then restart the computer then install internet explorer 11 on your Windows 7 computer so that’s it now I’m going to show you how you can clear internet explorer browsing history okay in case if you do not have the menu bar here so right click and click menu bar and go to tools and then ending adoption to get internet option you can click on here too and then click on internet options in case if you have command by open you just click on tools and go to internet options so these are few options to go to internet options window and then look at here in the center this is browsing history delete temporary files history cookies save password and web form information if you can make changes by clicking on this a history Cashin database so that’s it but in this video we are going to delete the browsing history you can in case if you want to delete browsing is to automatically after FG browser exit you can simply check this box and box and click ok alright but to get to this page directly there is a shortcut on from keyboards I’m going to close this and I’ll go to browsing history window so you have to press ctrl shift and the beat and then this is the same delete browsing history window okay you can get here all here options and then delete you’ll get the same window okay and then what we have to do I’m gonna cancel and I’m going to press control shift delete so you’ll get the same delete browsing history and oh here you have to check the boxes in case if you want to believe the download history form-data password Tracking Protection you know what occasion okay in case if you want to you can check all the boxes and then hit delete this is going to take two seconds and the browsing HD has been deleted ok Internet Explorer has finished deleting the selected browsing history okay now this is how you can clear the browsing history of your internet explorer on your Windows operating system XP Vista 7 88.1 FM so that’s it for this video please like share and subscribe for my channel and have a good day goodbye take care people

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