How to delete history- how to delete history on Google chrome-in 2014, Must watch!

hey Guys most of my friends ask me How to delete history on Google chrome. So I thought to this video Here I am gonna walk you through How to delete browsing history in Google chrome There are many reasons why someone wants to delete the browsing history I am not gonna discuss that here So, lets take you directly How to delete. So when you go down here you will see here when you click on Google chrome first time, this tab will open with nothing we are not using any search engine, it’s just the default window of google chrome Ok.. what you got to do is click over here and it’s gonna take you to history page directly Now it will show you all the history, all the files, webpages which you have opened. all the webpages you have visited on Internet like I have been using youtube, google My email id and if you go down I was using facebook adsense My google plus profile and then this is fb and then you can go down older and older in the history so you can select which ones you don’t want to delete which ones to delete like this the way I am doing I say remove selected search history and it’s gonna remove ok.. That’s one method Now if you wanna clear everything, every history at the same time, then just say clear browsing data ok.. and then it’s gonna ask you, what you wanna delete. Do you wanna delete those browsing data which you have opened in past hour Just say clear browsing data and all those things which you have, all those files, all those web pages which you have opened in an hour, last one hour will get removed and then you also have the past day, past week, last four days and the beginning of time. The last week means that the history before this week and everything, every history which you did between this period will get deleted Now before the past week

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