How to delete history-clear Google search history- permanently delete browsing history

hey guys so i wanna discuss how to delete google searced history now google users search history on many purpose like which you here i am login to my email id now if i open google again ok here i am google again this is my email id alex jones i want you to click here on google accounts ok. ok juys now we are here on google accounts here is where is everything what we do of the search everything is stored here and you can delete google search history from here what all you need to do is go account and manage your web history on other tools open it and there you are the google searched history whatever you have searched everything is here whatever i have searched today yestarday on this day then other days they all are there for you to remove them
and you t and everything on the screen will get selected and say remove items and it will remove ok and then go to the pages you can select kindly remove them again these are removed ok you can even choose from your like calender ok ok and here are all your bookmarks adds everything so guys this is how you delete everything just stay around ok and you will remove everyitem from your google search history

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  • For All those people who don't know How to delete history.
    This video explains everything you need to know about deleting history. Please, if any of you have find any problem or there is something which you don't get, then use comments below to ask and I will reply, I promise.
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  • Thanks and great video.

  • i want to delete everything in a few clicks tho. i have to select all delete like 100 times i think. is there a selct allllll allllll

  • how can you delete search history from the seach address bar.

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