How to delete google search history || howto tutorial

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episode. So, in this episode I will be showing you how to clear your Google
search history on any of the browser. Whatever browser you use, that doesn’t
matters the process is same. So, let’s get started. So, first of all I have opened and then make sure you are signed in to your Google account. To
clear the history Google search history okay and if you are not signed in to
your Google account there will be no history so make sure
you are signed in to your Google account and then at the right bottom corner of
your screen you will find settings, click on it and there you will find option
history. Click on it and then you will find all the history over here. I’ll not show
you the account. My Google account, so so these are the activities, these are the search
history on my google account so, what I will do right now is I will select
“delete activity by” okay and then you have to select the time to delete the
history. So, I will select all time because I want to delete all the search
history on my Google account. So and then hit delete and make sure you do checkmark
on “don’t so again” and then hit “okay” and then “delete all your search history” you
have to confirm it. So, I confirm it and delete it and then close it. So, this is
the process to delete your Google search history. So, that’s it guys, thanks for
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