How to Delete Google Assistant History – How to Clear Search History of Google Assistant on Android

in this video I will show you how to clear search history of your Google assistant on your Android mobile so first of all if you’re using the Google assistant you need to open the Google app which will take you to the ok Google or the Google assistant screen here you need to click these three vertical dots and access the settings within the settings you have access the Google assistant and once you are here again you need to click these three vertical dots you will get two options my activity and Google activity control so we need to click the my activity so it will open your activity in the browser and here you will have the activity of your Google assistant date-wise which is displayed here again you need to select these three vertical dots which are adjacent to the search assistant bar here the third option is delete activity pie you need to click that and you will get this screen where it will give you an option to delete by date which means that by default it is on today you can delete the activity of today yesterday last 7 days last 30 days or all times and even you can customize the date from by selecting the start and the end date have selected that you just into + delete and your activity after the caution you need to press this again delete and your activity will be deleted for the specified date and so you can clear the search history of the Google assistant on your Android mobile in this channel we are making the how-to tutorials about Android Windows and the internet websites so if you are interested consider subscribing and don’t forget to like and share this video

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